Retrieval Help

The retrieval part consists of two portions viz. Search and Specific Search Options (displayed in bold blue)


Search is a general option, where by one can query either by giving a single word, or a word string or multiple words. There is a Match on option as well as Search on option. To get the proper results you have to logically select the options.

Match on option

  1. For example, if you want to look for a word War, if you select the option Exact word/Phrase then, only those questions where the word war appears (lower/upper case is immaterial) will be selected.
  2. On the other hand, if you select the option Any word, then all questions where War appear as a string will be selected (where award, software, warning etc comes will also be selected.)
  3. You can give multiple words also. If you give multiple words without + as a separator and select the Exact word/phrase option, the whole set of words will be searched.
  4. In 3 above if you select the Any word option, the first word and the last word will be treated as strings as in case 2 above.
  5. If you use + as a separator in between the words and select option Any word, then all questions having any one of the words will be selected.
  6. In 5 above if you select the option All words, then questions having all the words only will be selected.

Search option

By selecting the Search on Title option, you can restrict the query search to the Subject titles only where as selecting the Full text option enable you to search the entire text (of the question and answer)

Specific Search Options

As opposed to the general search, this is for those who are looking for queries with certain specific parameters like Member, Ministry, Date etc. You can choose any one of them or a combination of them or all of them. You can get help list of each of the parameters by clicking at the list button ( inverted triangle). If the list is long, then you can type the first alphabet of the value you are looking for, so that the list displayed start with that alphabet. If you want a range of date or session, you can choose the From and To fields. If you want for a particular date or session, then you can choose only the From field.


Sort by

The sort by option given at the bottom is common to both Search options. By choosing any of them, the query results will be sorted as per that order. Even though the primary key sort option only is displayed, the results while being displayed are sorted in other subsequent keys also, in a logical order.

Search results

Results of any query will first be displayed in an index form. On top left hand will be the number of records found, in the middle the Page number and on the right the Main Menu icon. Below that will be the page numbers starting from 1 onwards. By clicking at any of the page numbers, you can go to that page of the query result. At the bottom of the screen also you have the page number and the Main Menu icon for convenience. In the table, by clicking at the QN or Q.Type you can see the full text of the question and answer.