Officers responsible for supply of the information

Shri Mukul Pande, Additional Secretary (L), Tel: 23034693,23018044 emailid

Shri Rohtas, Joint Secretary (T), Tel: 23034668,23012083emailid
Shri K.Sudhakaran, Director,Tel: 23035445,
Ms. Chitra G., Deputy Secretary, Tel: 23035681

Note: Parliamentary Bulletin Part I is issued daily during the Session period and contains a brief record of the items taken up by the Rajya Sabha and the time. It includes a mention of (a) question number orally answered (b) papers laid on the table (c) subject of Special Mention/calling attention and names of speakers (d) Bills taken up for introduction, consideration and/or passing/return and names of speakers etc. Session-wise compilation on the Bulletins, after editing, is published as the 'Session Journal'.Details of speeches etc. are available in 'Synopsis' or in the `Verbatim Proceedings and 'Official Report'.