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Rajya Sabha
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Parliamentary Bulletin Part-II

archive Lok Sabha
July ,2018
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Bulletin No. Subject Name Section Name
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57919 Result of Ballots of Notices of Questions Question Branch
57918 Stenographic/Typing assistance (English and Hindi) for Members Stenographers Pool
57917 Deposit of archival/ historical material in Parliamentary Museum & Archives and Archival books and Photographs available in Parliamentary Museum & Archives Library and Reference Unit, LARRDIS
57916 Membership of Indian Parliamentary Group Conference and Protocol Section
57915 Use of Diplomatic Passports by Members of Parliament or their spouses Conference and Protocol Section
57914 Acceptance of Foreign Hospitality by Members of Parliament Conference and Protocol Section
57913 Political clearance from Ministry of External Affairs Conference and Protocol Section
57912 Members Visiting Abroad Conference and Protocol Section
57911 Issue of Visa Notes for private visits of Members/Spouses to foreign countries Conference and Protocol Section
57910 Issue of Diplomatic Passport to Members of Parliament and their spouses Conference and Protocol Section
57909 Amendment of Housing and Telephone Facilities (Members of Parliament) Rules, 1956 M.A. Section
57908 Register of Members’ Interests Committee Section (Ethics)
57907 Code of Conduct for Members of Rajya Sabha