Parliamentary Bulletin Part-II
No. 56575 Friday, April 21, 2017 Conference and Protocol Section
Use of Diplomatic Passports by Members of Parliament or their spouses.




           A letter No. VII/403/1/2010 dated 21stJanuary, 2010 had been received  from theMinistry of External Affairs regarding  the use of DiplomaticPassports by Members of Parliament or their spouses, relevant extracts  of which are reproduced  below for informationof Members:-


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The question of DiplomaticPassports being used by Hon’ble Members of Parliament or their spouses fornon-official or non-Parliament related work, say, for a holiday, or forprofessional work as a lawyer, doctor, businessperson or an architect, etc. hasbeen raised.


Diplomatic Passports are issuedto persons who hold diplomatic status and are sent on diplomatic assignmentabroad or to those who hold certain positions determined by the CentralGovernment.   Diplomatic Passports areissued to the spouses of such persons to accompany them on their travelsabroad.  While Diplomatic Passports canbe used for private visit [tourism or to visit friends/relatives], they are not meant to be used whentraveling abroad for private business.


 While issuing visa notes addressed to foreignMissions, the purpose of visit is specified, viz. official orprivate.  However, it remains theprerogative of the foreign missions to grant or decline visa to an applicant,regardless of the visa note from this Ministry.


The above position regarding useof Diplomatic Passports may be brought to the attention of the Hon’ble Membersof Parliament.


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                          Kind cooperation of Members issolicited.

Shumsher K Sheriff