Parliamentary Bulletin Part-II
No. 56573 Friday, April 21, 2017 Conference and Protocol Section
Political clearance from Ministry of External Affairs




All invitations from any foreignsource, namely, Government of any country or any foreign entity are expected tobe routed through the Ministry of External Affairs.  However, in case such an invitation isreceived directly, Members are required to bring it to the notice of theMinistry of External Affairs and necessary political clearance of that Ministryshould also be obtained for the purpose.


         Members are  required to  apply for prior  political clearance  directly to the Ministry of ExternalAffairs  by using the link   and  ensure that  before  proceeding abroad the requisite  political clearance has been obtained.Requests may kindly be made at least 3 weeks in advance.


Seeking timelypolitical clearance from MEA will enable them to make a recommendation to theMember taking into account the stature of the foreign entity extending theinvitation, the appropriateness of the forum, public interest, etc.


The above is alsoapplicable for private visits (tourism, visiting friends/relatives, etc.).


In case ofofficial visits, political clearance from MEA would be sought by the RajyaSabha Secretariat on behalf of the Members.


           It may kindly be ensured that noneof their activities during those visits give an unintended impression thatMembers are on an official visit on behalf of Parliament.


           Members may kindly note.

Shumsher K Sheriff