Parliamentary Bulletin Part-II
No. 56571 Friday, April 21, 2017 Conference and Protocol Section
Issue of Visa Notes for private visits of Members/Spouses to foreign countries



For private visits [tourism or tovisit friends/relatives] of Members and their spouses to such foreigncountries  where  visas are  required,  visa notes  are  issued by  the Ministry of  External Affairs,   Patiala House, NewDelhi on receiving a specific request from the Members concerned.

Members  desirous of  having  visa notes issued for private visits may sendtheir requisitions (in the name of the Secretary-General, Rajya Sabha) to theConference & Protocol Section, along with the photocopies of their  Diplomatic Passports,  for obtaining  visa  notes from  the  Ministry of  External Affairs.

Visa endorsements on theDiplomatic Passports of Members and their Spouses from the concerned foreignEmbassy/High Commission may be arranged by the Members themselves.


The above is also applicable toMembers travelling abroad in their personal capacity for participation inConferences, Seminars, etc. by virtue of their expertise and domain knowledgewith or without foreign hospitality.


Kind cooperation of Members issolicited.

Shumsher K Sheriff