Parliamentary Bulletin Part-II
No. 56437 Wednesday, March 8, 2017 Library and Reference Unit, LARRDIS
Deposit of Archival/ Historical Material in Parliamentary Museum & Archives


        The Parliamentary Museum& Archives, Lok Sabha Secretariat undertakes acquisition, storage andpreservation of precious records, historical documents and articles connectedwith the origin, growth and functioning of Parliamentary institutions and the Constitutionin India.It is felt that these objects, which are part of our national heritage, arecollected, scientifically treated and preserved for the benefit of posterity.

Members are requested to kindly consider depositing material which theyhave in their possession like private correspondence, notes, articles, records,manuscripts, speeches, memoirs, diaries, relics, art pieces, mementos, personalbelongings and collections, paintings, photographs or any other material ofarchival/historical value connected with their career and activities asParliamentarians and freedom fighters, in the ParliamentaryMuseum & Archives, FB-094, Parliament Library Building (Tel. Nos. 23034131,23034017, Fax No. 23035326) for permanent preservation and display. Thematerial will enrich the Parliamentary Museum & Archives and be useful forresearch work.   If desired, the material   received   would be returned after making necessarycopies. Any secretarial assistance in sorting out and listing the material willbe made available by the Lok Sabha Secretariat.

Kindcooperation of the Members is solicited.

Shumsher K Sheriff