Parliamentary Bulletin Part-II
No. 56436 Wednesday, March 8, 2017 Simultaneous Interpretation Service
Use of languages other than Hindi and English during Question Hour




Members are informed of the following procedure regarding use oflanguages other than Hindi and English during the Question Hour:-


A member in whose name a Question appears in the List of Questions forOral Answers and who gives advance intimation for asking supplementaryquestions in languages mentioned in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution(other than Hindi and English) for which arrangements for simultaneousinterpretation already exist, may put supplementaries during the Question Hourin that language subject to the following conditions:-


    1.  Thisfacility may be availed of only by members in whose names the Question appearsin the List of Questions for Oral Answers;

      (ii)   Advance notice on this behalf shall be givenin writing by the members concerned not later than 3.00 p.m. on the working daypreceding the day on which the Question is listed for Oral Answers;


      (iii)    The facility shall not be available tomembers other than those in whose names the Question stands listed in the Listof Questions for Oral Answers;

      (iv)    In the printed debates(Original version) only an English version of the supplementary questions askedin a language other than Hindi, Urdu and English would be incorporated as isalready being done at present in respect of speeches delivered by members in alanguage other than Hindi, Urdu and English while participating in debates onBills, Resolutions, etc.

Shumsher K Sheriff