Provisional Calendar of Sittings
Session No.:248

(31 Jan 2019   To   13 Feb 2019)
February1 | 4 | 5 | 5R | 6 | 6R | 7 | 7R | 8 | 8R | 11 | 12 | 12R | 13 | 13R
Note: RIndicates The REVISED LIST OF BUSINESS of The Day.
            S Indicates The SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF BUSINESS of the Day

Note: The List of Business contains the main items of the agenda to be taken up by the Rajya Sabha on a day, and is generally issued daily during session period, two days in advance of the sitting date. The final agenda is contained in the Revised List of Business, issued the day previous to the sitting (except for Monday). A Supplementary List of Business is issued to cover any additional items being taken up at short notice, the same day. The List of Business is prepared in the Table Office.

Officers responsible for supply of the information

Shri S.K. Ganguli, Joint Secretary, Tel:23034668

Shri K.Sudhakaran, Deputy Director, Tel: ,

Ms. G. Chitra, Legislative Officer, Tel: 23034697, 23034581


Officers responsible for supply of the information for the Provisional Calendar of Sittings
Shri N.C. Joshi
Tel. 23034604

Shri Mukul Pande
Tel. 3034693

Shri Surendra K. Tripathi,
Joint Director, Tel.23034967

Legislative Section, Tel. 23034727

Note: Provisional Calendar of Sittings is prepared for each Session of Rajya Sabha in coordination with Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs. It specifies the days on which the Government Business and Private Members' Bills/ Resolutions are to be taken up in the House besides the details of group of Ministries/Departments requiring to furnish answers to Parliamentary Questions.

For feedback, you may contact the officers responsible for supply of the information.

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