SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY (CONTD.): JD (S) people did not withdraw the support first. You withdrew the support. How did you withdraw the support? Your ministers did not attend the Cabinet meeting. Your ministers went to the Governor; your Deputy CM, Mr. Yeddyurappa, went to the Governor. Now, the question before the nation is whether there was any role of the Congress Party. You are responsible for your downfall. And, then the Government fell. What have you done? You went to the Governor saying, "it should be dissolved now itself". Then, you organised the Dharmayatra, you went to the people, you went to 21 Districts, you went to each and every corner of the State saying that there was a betrayal, those people were not trustworthy and that you could not go on with these people.

SHRI K.B. SHANAPPA: They also went to the Governor.

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN (PROF. P.J. KURIEN): No, no. Please. (Interruptions)

SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY: You can have your say afterwards. (Interruptions)

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN: That is why, it is being dissolved now. (Interruptions)

SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY: Sir, then they said, "we want elections; we will go to the people and say, you are our masters, do the justice and bring us back to power."

The Deputy CM was saying that injustice had been done to him. He went to Swamijis, touched their feet and asked them to do justice. That was the plight of a politician. He went to all the temples asking for boon. He asked the women folk of the State to burn sandalwood sticks praying for his Chief Ministership. All these things happened and the people of Karnataka saw all this. Everyday in the media, in the electronic media, people had been seeing these ugly, dirty activities of the politicians. People lost their confidence. What happened then? Suddenly, a message came that there was a chance to form the Government. Sir, the Deputy CM, who was at Tumkur, flew in to Bangalore like a bird. But, Sir, it could not materialise, and, once again, these people compromised.

Then, Sir, they went to the Governor saying that we have got the 'numbers'. You are the people who said to the Governor, "dissolve the Assembly, and, if you don't dissolve the Assembly, we will gherao it." You have stated it earlier. The hon. Member who spoke now, his national leader came and gave the facts like this, and, you have given it to the people. Afterwards, once again, you went to the Governor asking him to revoke the proclamation. Did you not commit a fraud on the Constitution? You asked the Governor to dissolve the Assembly and have President's rule, and, asked him, once again, to revoke the Proclamation. You went to the people saying, "we do not want power, we are not power hungry, we want dissolution, we will come back to you", and, then, once again, asking for the formation. Is it not a fraud on the people also? Are you not * ? Is it not a betrayal? Then, you formed the Government. (Contd. by 3n-vkk)


SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY (CONTD.): How? How did you form the Government? It was with the help of the JD (S) legislators once again -- same people, same number. Sir, I want to congratulate the High Command. He made an allegation against the High Command, Congress Party and against the Governor. We have to appreciate the Governor's action. Sir, he did not act according to the Congress. The Congress wanted the dissolution, President's Rule under article 356. The High Command has stated and the spokesman of AICC has made it clear that we don't want to form the Government. In spite of all this, he went and sought the approval for revoking. This is your right. The people were observing in Karnataka. Unfortunately, you are not from Kerala. He should have seen it on TV. He should have seen the action of these politicians running for power, greed for power. And, then, Sir, our great former Prime Minister wanted to join once again. These people, the BJP, have stated that he is a * he is such a personality the country has


* Expunged as ordered by the Chair.
not seen earlier. They criticised him. Yes, to a certain extent, we also agree.

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN (PROF. P.J. KURIEN): No, Mr. Poojary, you can criticise his action. Since he is not a Member of this House, don't criticise him personally. (Interruptions) You can criticise his action.

SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY: Okay, Sir. I will say JD(S) supremo and JD(S) President. (Interruptions)

SHRI SHANTARAM LAXMAN NAIK: But, Sir, he is a former Prime Minister. (Interruptions)

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN: He is not a Member of this House. He cannot come and defend himself. Only his political actions can be criticised. (Interruptions) We have to be fair. We may agree or disagree, but, we have to be fair here. (Interruptions)

SHRI K.B. SHANAPPA: That is a personality which has to be criticised everywhere.

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN: You can do it outside, but, not here. (Interruptions) Please proceed.

SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY: Sir, BJP has got a frontal organisation. There are frontal organisations like VHP, RSS, Bajrang Dal. The charge has been made by JD (S) that they will communalise the entire streets, there will be bloodshed. There will be Gujarat type of bloodshed in Karnataka. That was a strong allegation. Sir, it has happened in my district. The BJP Minister, who took oath, immediately after taking oath, he was put in charge of my district and he said, "The present Chief Minister of Gujarat is my guru. I will have a Gujarat type of governance here." (Interruptions) I will come to development. (Interruptions)


* Expunged as ordered by the Chair.
(MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN in the chair.)

JD (S) condemned and criticised the BJP. All of a sudden, once again, that * became angel for them. The government was formed. It remained for seven days. (Contd. by RSS/3O)


SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY (CONTD.): Before that, one of the hon. Members... (Interruptions)...

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Hon. Members, it is 5 o' clock now, and this debate has to end, and at 6 o' clock there is going to be.. (Interruptions)...

SHRI K.V. SHANAPPA: Sir, you know many languages. You can interpret it.

SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY: He turned as angel... (Interruptions)...

ֵָ : ֮ ..(־֮֬)..

SHRI K.V. SHANAPPA: Sir, we have supported the Home Minister. What is the fun in discussion?

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: This is a debate. Two hours' time has been allocated for this purpose. Though 24 minutes' time was given to Mr. Venkaiah Naidu, he has taken more than 40 minutes. When he has spoken for 40 minutes, you cannot say that others cannot speak...(Interruptions)

ֵָ : ֮ ָ ֻ ״֮֙ , ֻ ׻֋ 80 ״֮֙ ?

ֳ֯ : , When you say something, the other Member has also an equal right to make his submission. You cannot say that he has taken 40 minutes... (Interruptions)... No, no. Please continue.


* Expunged as ordered by the Chair.
0 ִ ӛָ :

ֵָ : ו֋..(־֮֬)..

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Please sit down.. (Interruptions)...

..֯ : ֮ ..(־֮֬).. ֮ þֵ ߔ ֕ ָָ ֮֮ ָ״ֿ֮ օ

ֵָ : ָ ܵ ӡ ߤָ ..(־֮֬)..

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Mr. Pany, please sit down. Mr. Poojary, please continue.

SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY: The Government was formed. In the meantime, what had happened. Sir, the JD(S) supremo placed 12 conditions to run the Government. The Chief Minister sworn was in a fix whether to accept these conditions or not. What are the conditions? He wanted the mining department and the urban department, apart from other conditions. There is an allegation against them that they have minted money, and the case is pending in the High Court as well as in the Supreme Court. Cases have been filed against them. It is a money-spinning department. There was corruption. Thousands of crores of rupees have been looted. It is not my allegation. It is their own allegation, their partner's allegation. From it, it is crystal clear that it is a plum portfolio to earn money. 'Yes, if you are very clean, I am telling this to both the parties, why are you fighting for these two portfolios?' If the mining department and the urban department had been given to the BJP, the Government would have continued, or if the two departments had been given to the JD(S), the Government would have continued. It is not because of anything. It is because of hunger for money, it is because of hunger for power. Without any difficulty, they would have continued for another 20 months. They have not done it.

(Contd. by 3p)


SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY (CONTD.): Afterwards, they said, "They are giving lectures to us! From Bhagwad Gita, about morality, about principles, about ideology, they are giving lesson to us, and to the people of Karnataka." And, then, Sir, ultimately what has happened? We should have, and particularly the BJP should have, congratulated and thanked the Governor. When they withdrew the support, all the parties, including the Samajwadi Party, the Communist parties or the Left parties and BSP said that the Assembly should be dissolved.

SHRI PENUMALLI MADHU: The media also. ...(Interruptions)... The BJP also.

SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY: The BJP also. The BJP has put in writing that it should be dissolved.

SHRI PENUMALLI MADHU: What a wonderful approach they have!

SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY: Sir, it is not the media alone. Even a chain of editorials came up before the nation on good governance, in order to maintain the spirit, to keep up the spirit of the nation. It is a mandate given in Bommai case, reported in the year 1994, AIR S.C. Page 1918. It is stated that the Governor does not have the power to dissolve the Assembly. It is only with the Parliament. Only after the approval of Proclamation, it could be done. But the Governor stuck to that, which he cannot, under the rule of law. He did so irrespective of the rule of law. They were very happy! At that time, they were very happy. And they wanted to revoke. The Governor revoked it. In spite of all these pinpricks, in spite of all this dirty politics, he revoked it. They should have thanked him. And they should have thanked Sonia Gandhi. But he is criticising the high command; he is criticising the Prime Minister, he is criticising the Congress Party. Sir, the Congress Party respects the Constitution. You played fraud with the Constitution. But he wanted to keep up the dignity, and also the decorum of the Parliament. And the mandate has been given by the Supreme Court. You cannot change unless you go before the Parliament. Sir, once again, in spite of the fact that the media, all the intellectuals and all the people were asking for dissolution, he did not do it in the beginning. Afterwards, once again they started demanding, "It should be dissolved. President's rule should be there." He has done the same thing. He recommended the same thing. Should they not be grateful to him, Sir? Should his conduct be criticised? Has he done it in an unconstitutional manner? Is it not a character that is required for the nation today in the mind of the Governors? He has done it. What more do you want? Despite that, you are criticising him today on the floor of the House. Not only on the floor of the House; even outside you are criticising! Will the people of Karnataka pardon you? Can you go before them? What have you done during the twenty months? What have you done? Chief Minister is sleeping in the houses in 47 villages! By sleeping in the villages how can you improve the State? Only God can help us. There is a wonderful image he has created. And he has shown to the people of Karnataka that you are not competent to rule; you cannot govern. You cannot govern. You do not know the ABC of governance. You have shown to them. Despite that, in the course of 20 months, you grabbed crores of rupees. That is a charge made by the Janata Dal. And also, there is a charge made by the BJP. And in spite of all these things, you say that you gave good governance!

(Contd. by TMV/3Q)


SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY (CONTD.): We had given loans at the rate of four per cent. I want to remind you, my friends, that during Indirajis time, the Twenty-Point Programme was there. The Government of India had given loans at the rate of four per cent and even today the NABARD is giving loans to the States for the small farmers at the rate of--earlier it was two per cent--three or three-and-a-half per cent. Now you are giving loans to some farmers at the rate of four per cent. We had given it. You say that you have written off all the loans up to Rs.25,000. We had done it earlier. I was a Minister in the Finance Department. During Indiraji's time and even during Rajivji's time, we had written off loans in cases where they deserved. We had done so. It is not, for the first time, that you have done it.

You say, "We implemented prohibition". Liquor is prohibited from selling. I want to know from my friends where it was implemented, whether the poor people are not taking drinks and whether the people are free from alcohol. Sir, just now also liquor shops are opening. Earlier, they were paying Rs.12 per bottle. Now they have to pay Rs.24 per bottle of illicit liquor. That is what they are drinking. The people are suffering. Earlier good stuff was given. Now illicit liquor is being given. They are destroying the health of the people. This is the state of affairs. This is the governance that they have given. And they claim that they have given wonderful governance to us; "we are bringing in Ram Rajya". What type of Ram Rajya is it? Is it creating some type of terror in the minds of the minorities? You are coming from Karnataka. You know the plight of the minorities during the twenty months' rule. They are terrified. If we talk in favour of the minorities, against the atrocities committed on them, they dub us as anti-Hindu. (Interruptions)...

SHRI K. B. SHANAPPA: Sir, let him give the facts and figures. Nothing has happened to the minorities there. Let him give the facts and figures. What are the facts that you have? (Interruptions)... You are misleading. You give the facts. (Interruptions)...

SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY: I am sorry, hon. Member. You are from Karnataka. What has happened in our district? Everybody is aware of it.

SHRI SURENDRA LATH: Sir, he is talking about Gujarat. (Interruptions)... Sir, he is talking about Gujarat. (Interruptions)...

MR. DEPUTY CHAIMAN: He said about his district.

SHRI SURENDRA LATH: No. He wants to give the example of Gujarat. (Interruptions)..

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: No, not Gujarat. (Interruptions)...

SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY: You, BJP people, are just shutting your eyes towards the minorities. Is it not the duty of the majority to give them protection? Are you not killing them for nothing, for flimsy reasons? Are they not Indians? Are they not our brothers? This is what has happened in the twenty months' rule. Yes, we fought and I fought for their lives. I don't relish this type of aggression, this type of violence. I don't. What was the result? Sending threatening letters to me saying, "We will finish you; we will kill you; we will cut your body and put into dustbin". I did not care for my life. I lodged a complaint that this type of anonymous letters were receiving. Who had written those letters? The VHP, the RSS and all those people had written. You can threaten Poojary, but you can't give any threat to the minorities.

SHRI SURENDRA LATH: Sir, you have been defeated four times. (Interruptions)...

SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY: I had won four times. Do you know that? (Interruptions)...

SHRI SURENDRA LATH: The people had rejected you. (Interruptions)...

SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY: I was there in the Lok Sabha for four times continuously.

SHRI SURENDRA LATH: Yes, people had also rejected you four times. (Interruptions)...

ֳ֯ : ֯ ֮ ו֋ ֯ ֮ ו֋...(־֮֬)..

SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY: For your information, you defeated me. By what means? (Contd. by VK/3R)


SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY (CONTD): By spreading communal hatred. (Interruptions). You created division between Hindus and Muslims. That is why I became a victim of that.

SHRI SURENDRA LATH: People have rejected you.

SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY: People have not rejected me. (Interruptions). You must understand that you were also rejected. Your leaders were rejected a number of times and then they entered here. Think of that. How many times have the former Prime Minister and the former Deputy Prime Minister been defeated? How many times was your Dy. CM defeated in Karnataka? (Interruptions).

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Let us come to the subject. (Interruptions). Let us confine to Karnataka. (Interruptions). The issue is different. Please sit down.

ֵָ : ָ, ן ֤ ...(־֮֬)..

SHRI PENUMALLI MADHU: Sir, valuable time of the House is being wasted. (Interruptions).

ֵָ : ָ, ֮ , ֯ ׮֋ ..(־֮֬)...

ֳ֯ : ֮ ..(־֮֬).. ֯ ך, Nothing will go on record. ֯ ך, ֋ ..(־֮֬).. ֯ ֮ ֵ֤ ..(־֮֬). ֯ ך, ֋օ Nothing will go on record. (־֮֬).. ״Ù , ֯ ?...(־֮֬). ֯ ? ..(־֮֬).. ֋, ..(־֮֬).. ״Ù , ֯ ך ...(־֮֬)..֋, ֮ ָֻ  , ײ , ֯ ײ ? ...(־֮֬)...Please don't do it. Please don't do it. ך ...(־֮֬).. ֯ ך

SHRI PENUMALLI MADHU: Sir, the hon. Members go on disturbing the House every time. Particularly one or two individuals are doing it continuously. (Interruptions).

ֳ֯ : և, ..(־֮֬).. ׮֋., ..(־֮֬).. ״Ù, ֯ ך ..(־֮֬)..״Ù ֬, ߕ ֙ ֈ ..(־֮֬).. ߕ ֙ ֈ ..(־֮֬).. ֯ ך ״Ù ֬, ֯ ך ...(־֮֬).. ֯ ך ֋, ..(־֮֬).. ֯ ך ..(־֮֬).. ֯ ֵ֤ ״ֻ֟ ? ..(־֮֬). ֯ ִ ־ևә ״ֻ ...(־֮֬).. ߕ, ֯ ך ..(־֮֬)..

SHRI PENUMALLI MADHU: Sir, at that time also...(Interruptions).

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Nothing will go on record. ..(־֮֬).. Nothing will go on record. ..(־֮֬)..ߕ ״Ù ֬, ֯ ך, ߕ ֙ ֈօ ...(־֮֬).. ֯ ך ...(־֮֬)... ״Ù ֬, ߕ ך ...(־֮֬). ֯ ך ..(־֮֬). , ֵօ ֯ ֵ ..(־֮֬)..You don't participate in the debate. You disturb the House. I am telling you with all sincerity. Please don't do it. It is not bringing honour to you. Please, at least, respect the Chair.

SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY: Sir, the hon. Member from Karnataka....

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Mr. Poojary, there are still two more speakers from your party. Kindly conclude.

SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY: Sir, a lot of allegations have been made against us by the hon. Member who spoke before me.

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: But the question is we have to conclude it at some point of time. It is not necessary to reply to all the allegations.

SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY: The hon. Member made a serious charge against us saying that we are power hungry; we manoeuvred the things to come to power. Who told you this? We did not make any claim to form the Government before the Governor. We gave in writing that we wanted elections. The person who is in charge, I can name him because he is a Member of this House, Mr.Chavan, has gone on record saying that we want dissolution of the House. (Contd. by 3S)


SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY (contd.): The Prime Minister, who came earlier, before this episode, stated, "If the Government falls, we want to dissolve the House and we want to go for elections." The PCC President of Karnataka made it clear that we want dissolution and we want to go before the people. Now tell me whether the Congress (I) Government has passed a Resolution to form the Government. If M.P. Prakash or somebody goes and approaches some leaders of the Central Government or some leaders of the party, they cannot throw him out; they will have to hear him. Now to whom have they given any promise? This type of an assurance is your own imagination. It is a ploy to form the Government. You wanted to form the Government by hook or by crook. You wanted some reasons for it. I myself went to Karnataka and made our stand clear that we wanted dissolution of the House. We did not want to go in for formation of the Government. But you yourself dreamt so. And what happened later! You are saying that we are power-greedy. But what has Shri Yediyurappa done? He changed his name from Yediyurappa to Yeddyurappa. That is why I am saying, you wanted luck to favour you. And he filed an affidavit for change of name on 11th October so that luck could favour him and he would become the Chief Minister...(Interruptions)

SHRI M. VENKAIAH NAIDU: Kindly yield for a minute. Sir, if somebody changes his name, what is the problem in it? And, is it proper for the House to discuss about an individual, who is not present here, about the change of name?

SHRI A. VIJAYARAGHAVAN: It has become a fashion these days. All the political leaders are changing their names...(Interruptions)

SHRI VENKAIAH NAIDU: Many people are changing parties. After all, the man wanted to change his name only...(Interruptions)

ֳ֯ : , ֋, ֯ ߛ ߕ ֯ ֛ ֟ ? ֯ ָ ו֋ !

SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY: Even the JD (S) supremo had written a letter to the Prime Minister of the country saying that they wanted to go in for elections...

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Poojaryji, please conclude because we have a lot of business.

SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY: Now, he has made it very clear that he wanted to go for elections. Somehow you got his consent and you manoeuvred things to form your Government. You wanted to grab the power. In any case, you had the power since you were an alliance of the Government. But you wanted the Chief Ministership. The Congress (I) ruled for 20 months; the BJP-JD (S) combine ruled for 20 months. So, you were also in the Government. But you aspired for the Chief Minister's post and make money because that is a powerful post. So, that is the power-hungriness, and you are making a charge against us that we are power-hungry...

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: I think you have to conclude. Otherwise, we will not be able to conclude the debate and the Members will not be present in good numbers. I request all the hon. Members to confine themselves to their time. Mr. Poojary, you conclude now so that others also can speak.

SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY: So, power-hunger is not for the Congress (I). We do not want to manoeuvre anything. We did not do that. You wanted power. The hon. Member from Karnataka, who spoke before me, should have been careful while speaking.

(Continued by 3T)


SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY (CONTD.): The Congress Government never aspired to form the Government. And what has happened in Karnataka? You should learn from our party. Our leader, Sonia Gandhi, had given up the Prime Ministership. She did not go after power. She did not want it. She made a sacrifice and declined when the President of India called her to take the oath. That is the history of the Congress. That is Sonia Gandhi. That is Congress. You must learn something from her. Instead of that, you want to have power at any rate. I congratulate the Home Minister, the Government of India and also our leader, Sonia Gandhi, for taking the right decision. At the end, the action taken by the Government of India has been appreciated. Now, at least, follow her footsteps.

With these words, thank you very much, Sir, for having given me this opportunity.


ֳ ן־ָ (ָ Ϥ): ֮֮ߵ ֳ֯ן , ..(־֮֬)

ֳ֯ן: ԙ ֟ , ֯ ָ ...(־֮֬)

ֳ ן־ָ: ָ, ԙ ָ ֙ , ָ ֤ ...(־֮֬)

ֳ֯ן: , ֻ

ֳ ן־ָ: ԙ ָ ֕֯ ֮֮ߵ ֤õ -ָ ָ ָ-ϟָ ֵ, ֟ ֱ ֻ և ֢ ֮-֮ ֻ ָָ ֕ ָ ָ, () , ֤ ֻ ׮, ֮ ָ-ָ ßֻ , ßֻ ֕֯ օ ֟ ֻ ׻֋ ָ֤ ֚ ֜ פօ

֮־ָ, ֙֋ ֙, ֵ֛ ָ ٙ 356 ßֻ ֟ , ֵ ִֵ ٙ 356 ָ֤֟ ֵ ֵ ָ ߴ ֮ ִִ ׮Ե פ ӲӬ ָ և ֓ և , ױ ײָ ֓ , ָӛ ֓ ԅ ָָ , ٙ 356 ֛ , ֕ ָ ָָ ֮֟ , ָָ ֤ã ָ ֻ֮ ֮ ֟ ָ ֲ - 356 ֟ ֟ ֮ ֿ ֮ ֟ ßֻ օ ָ ׾֮֬ ׮ִԟ , ָ Ùָ ӑߵ ӓ ֵ֮, ִ ־֮Ը ־ã , ֕ ߓ ӲӬ ֮֋ , ִֵ֮ ֮֋ ׾֮֬ ָֆ ָ ֻ֮ , ָ ָ֕ օ ָ ֙ ֲ ֛ ָ֬ ֮ ־֮Ը Ӿ׮ ã ׾֮֬ ֮֮ ֕֋, ֮ ֮ ׻ֵ ׻֋ ִִ ָ ׮ֵ״֟֟֋ ֋ Յ 3U/PSV ָ ָ


ֳ ן־ָ (֟): և ֟ ָ Ϥ ִֵ ָָ ֙ ֢ ߅ ߅ ָ ֟ ׾ָ ד ֙ ӑ ָ ָ 'ִֵ ָָ ß ', 'ß ', '™ן ֮ ֮ ', ֛-֛ ׾ׯֵ ָ ֮֮ ׿ֿ ָ ָ ײָ, ָӛ ֙֋ ֵֵֻ ֮ ֵ , ִ֮֟ ...(־֮֬)... ֌Ծ֤ ֣ ֣ ׻֋ ֟ ֋, ָ ֲָָ ֟ ׿ֿ ߅ ָ, ֤ ï™ ָ ָפ ֵ֛ ֮֕ן ָ ̸֕ ֲָ ֟ ֣ ֮֕ן , ֮֕ן , ן ׾ , ִ֮ , ֮ օ י ô ָ ֯ ָָ ֮֮ , ״׻֟ ָָ ֮֮ , ֚֮֮ ָָ ֮֮ , ֲ ָ֬ , ֵ ֮ ָ ֻ֕ ׮י , ָ֟ ֢ ֮ ֕֯ ֣ ָ օ ָ օ ָ 1978-79 ָ ָ ִ֣Ԯ פ օ ָ ָ Ϭִ֮ӡ ֤ ֣֯ ߅ ֲ ָ ָ ׾-֟ ֻ , ו פ ֳ ֤ ֻ , פ ֙ ֮ ִ֣Ԯ ָ ָ ֯ ׻ֵօ ֲ Ӧָ ָָ ߅ ֕֙ ֮ ֻ օ ֯ ִ֋ ָ ָָ ãָ ׿ֿ և ִ֣Ԯ ֯ ׻ֵօ ִֵ ָָ ֮ ֋, ׻֋ ָߵ ֮֟ ֙ ֵ־֟ ִ ׻ֵ, ֵ־֟ ֮ ִ֕־֤ ֙ ָ 6-6 ߮ ֟ ߅ ֵ־֟ 00(0) ָ ֻ ׮ : ߮ ֕ ֲ ֕֯ ָ և, פ פօ ָ ֨ӟ, ߴ, ָפ ֢ ףֵ֮ ֻ ֣ ָ ֚Ӭ֮ , ָָ ãָ ָָ ֮֟ Ϥ ׾ ׻֋ ׻֋ ָ ֮֟ , ֕֋ -ָ ָ ָ ϟָ , þֵ ן ֮֟ؓ֟ ֣ ֮ ָ Դָ֤֮ , ָ ־ָ ֮ י ô ӡ ֣ ֤ߵ ־ã ָ ֮ ֻ֟ ָ ֛օ 356 ֵ օ ָ ִֵ ԙ ãן ִ֟ ־ ׾ ָ ָ ֟ , ָָ ֮֮ ãן , ֯ ֮ ֜ և ׻֋ ־ ß ׾֮֬ ֳ ֋, ֮֟ ߓ ֋ ֟ ߮ ׸ꌙ ֣ և ֮֕ן ׌ ָ ָ ֮֟ ֮ ׾ ߅

ֵ֛ ֟֓ߟ ֮ ִ ׮ ֮։, ִ פ ֮։օ ֮֋ ? ָ ϟ֯ ֿ ׾֟ ֺ , -

ו ָ, Ӥ-ָ, ִ ̸օ

׮ ֮֋, ̸օ

ֲ ֣ ֮ ֟ ִ֯ ֮־֤


(3 ָ ָ)






Pp 535 Onwards will be issued as a Supplement.


SHRI PENUMALLI MADHU (ANDHRA PRADESH): Thank you very much, Mr. Deputy Chairman, Sir, for providing me an opportunity to speak, though lately. Sir, with the developments that have taken place in Karnataka leading to a situation where proclamation of the President's Rule is necessitated, our party, Communist Party of India (Marxist), is supporting this Resolution. While supporting, I would like to bring to the kind notice of the House what real lessons the political parties have to draw from the developments in Karnataka.

Sir, Shri Venkaiah Naidu, while speaking, narrated in detail for about 45 minutes. He also gave figures and other details related to the developments in Karnataka. While he was presenting his arguments, it was clearly exhibited how opportunistic the BJP was. It has behaved so opportunistically in the State of Karnataka. I would like to illustrate one or two aspects. In the beginning itself, when the unholy alliance broke, the BJP demanded dissolution of the Assembly and fresh early elections. After demanding dissolution of the Assembly and early elections, again it had a big dharna and staked claim for formation of the Government.

The entire argument of Shri Venkaiah Naidu has not noticed the political bankruptcy of the communal party, the BJP. It is a pucca communal party. Being a communal party, it had an alliance after 20 months of the Dharam Singh Government. It pulled down the Dharam Singh Government with the backdoor politics and an unholy alliance was instituted. That unholy alliance......

ֵָ : ֯ ӓ ָ ֻ ֮ ָ ֙ ֻ ߅ ...(־֮֬).... ָ, כ֮ ûִ ָָ ִ֣Ԯ ָ ? ...(־֮֬)... ָ, ?

ֳ֯ : ?

ֵָ : ֯ ߮ ָ , օ ...(־֮֬)...

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Nothing will go on record.

ֵָ *

ֳ֯ : ?

Nothing will go on record since he is not yielding.

ֵָ : *

SHRI PENUMALLI MADHU: While Shri Venkaiah Naidu was speaking.... (Interruptions) Demolition of Babri Masjid was a pucca communal thing. What is wrong in my saying? Your leaders demolished it. (Interruptions)

I do not want to score points on this issue.

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Nothing will go on record since he is not yielding.

ֵָ *

SHRI PENUMALLI MALDHU: Sir, firstly, what is the political content of the whole developments? What is the political aspect of it? Shri Venkaiah Naidu did not reveal the political aspect of the developments that have taken place in the State of Karnataka in making a Chief Minister. (Contd. by kls/3x)


SHRI PENNUMALI MADHU (CONTD): What is the political aspect? The political aspect is the opportunistic role of the Bhartiya Janata Party, which has showed that it is certainly a party with difference in its greed for power. Its greed for power is very much demonstrated here. First, they demanded dissolution of the Assembly and later on claimed for Chief Ministership. This itself illustrated how opportunistic the BJP is


*Not recorded

and, how this communal party has played an opportunistic role in this country is very much demonstrated in Karnataka. This is one thing. In his argument he says from that 27th onwards till 9th November, the Governor had taken so much time. Sir, if anybody with his wisdom analyses the developments these seven days of Yeddyurappa Government he will find how unholy it was. It is very much visible. It tells us how the time taken by the Governor was most justifiable. Mr. Vankaiah Naidu says that in many other States we have some issues, the Governors are being misused, and how the Governors are misusing their powers. In 1957 in Kerala the Government was dismissed. All this experience we had but in the State of Karnataka the developments tell us that the Governor has played a proper role, he has taken proper time to analyse the situation and after analysing the situation he had invited Mr. Yeddyurappa. But Yeddyurappa Government collapsed within seven days. How unholy the alliance was it is demonstrated here. It is another thing. Mr. Venakaiah Naidu started quoting the Times of India cartoon. I do agree with that. But I will quote from other papers. The entire nation is questioning the unholy alliance of the BJP. He says that the earlier Chief Minister, Kumaraswamy, has eaten away Rs.150 crores. With that Chief Minister you are again having a Government. ? , ? They are trying to have an alliance with them. It is such a brazen, shameless behaviour of the BJP, which is very much demonstrated in the State of Karnataka. ...(Interruptions)... Sir, I quote from Deccan Herald, which is one of the popular dailies in Karnataka. It says, "Yeddyurappa might have fulfilled his life's ambition of becoming the Chief Minister but no tears will be shed for the premature demise of a government built solely on personal ambition, caprice and political opportunism." Then, let us see what the Hindu editorial says while telling about the opportunistic role of the BJP." Few chapters in independent India's political history can match I' affaire Karnataka for brazen opportunism, changeability, greed for the loaves and fishes of office, betrayal and awful political judgment." Sir, Venkaiah Naiduji has to observe all these things and should not quote only one thousand rupees honorarium. Definitely, I say that the opportunistic role of Janata Dal has certainly eroded its credibility. (Contd by 3y/SSS)


SHRI PENUMALLI MADHU (CONTD.): It played such an opportunistic role in the State of Karnataka. Once it is demanding something and at another time it is giving a charter of demands. In the recent developments of Karnataka, they demonstrated greed for power and nothing else. They have no concern for the people's issues. People are suffering from price rise. Neither BJP nor Janata Dal which is so-called secular ָ , , See the alliance with BJP. (Time-bell) That is why, I say, without going into the political content of the whole affair, only demagogic way of putting things will never help matters. Some innocent people may be laughed at or made happy but demagogy never sustains for long. So, my submission is, opportunistic role of BJP is very much demonstrated by its demanding dissolution of Assembly, demanding early elections and, then, again claiming formation of the Government. It is pucca opportunism. The experience of Karnataka proves to the other States that horse-trading and unholy alliance will not sustain for long. Opportunism and playing with communalism will not sustain for long. Communalism has no place in India. We have seen instances of communalism in independent India. It may be possible to fool some people for some time but not always. With these words I conclude. (Ends)

0 ִ ӛָ (ײָ) : ֮֮ߵ ֳ֯ן , ԙ ֮֮ߵ ֛ ֆ ׾ßָ ָ ֓ ֆ ָ ٙ ָ ֛ ϵ օ

, ֵ֛ ֮ , ™ן ֮ ֓ , ֕ ָ ֓ ߅ ôָ פ֮ ֲ ײָ ߴ֟ ֲ֛ ָָ ֻ , ו خ ־֮Դ , ָָ ™ן ֮ ֵօ ֕ ֳ ׸ , : ׯ ܵ ӡ ֤ ָ ֮ ֛օ ֮ ָ ֲ ֟ ן ־ֻ ֟ , Ù֮ ־ֻ ֟ , ָ ָ ָ ֲ ֵԾ ֛ ֲ ֟

, ԙ ־ ֤ ֙ absolute majority ״ֻ ߅ þֳ׾ : ־ ֵ ֋ ٙ, פ ִ֮ ֟ ָָ ֮֮ ׻֋, ָָ ֮ ָָ ֮ ߅ ֵ֛ ֲ ֛ ֙ ָ 79 MLA ָ 28 ָ ֯ ״ֻ ֟ , ֲ ֛ ֙ , ָ 79 ׾ֵ֬ ָָ ֮֟߅ ('3z/nb' ָ ָ)