SHRI DINESH TRIVEDI (CONTD.): If you have some information, I think you are duty-bound to share it with us. (Interruptions) How are you going to look after...(Interruptions)..

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Mr. Dinesh, you cannot go on debating it like this. (Interruptions)

ָ (ָ Ϥ) : ֳ֯ן , օ ֮֮ߵ ӡ , ֛ߙ߾ ָ ֆפ ֛ ï™ Ӥִ ãן ִ , ֮ Ͽ ֮ ֮֯ Ӥִ ָ ףֵָ ״ֻ , ָ ֙֋ ֮ ֆ֤ Ԯ ָ , ׾֮֕ ֻ ָ ֮ ãן, ֛֛ ֟ , ӡ ֯ ֤ ãן ï™ ֟ , ָ ֯ ֮ , ֆ֤ þֵ ָ֟ ָ Ӥִ ֆ֤ ã֟ ָ ִ ãן ֮ , ׮ָ ֋օ ֮־֤ (ִ֯)

DR. CHANDAN MITRA (NOMINATED): Sir, I have a very brief question to the Home Minister. We have been debating the issue of directive and advisory to a State Government since yesterday. Again, in your reply today, you have said that, it may be oral, but directives have been given by you to the State Government. Sir, I would like to know whether it is appropriate, or it is sanctioned, to give directive to a State Government without invoking Article 355.

Two, if the directives have been given, has any kind of advisory been given to the State Government also that those who have fled their homes must be rehabilitated and that will be monitored? And, if so, who is going to monitor it? (Ends)

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Hon. Home Minister. (Interruptions) That has nothing to do with that. (Interruptions) Your clarification is on the statement. (Interruptions)

DR. FAROOQ ABDULLAH: Sir, only one clarification. (Interruptions)

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: On Article 356 I did not prevent you. (Interruptions)

DR. FAROOQ ABDULLAH (JAMMU & KASHMIR): Sir, I would like to seek only one clarification. It is a tragedy that Nandigram has happened. But is it not true that political parties are trying to make it much murkier than it was at the beginning? Now it has become such a situation that they want to put entire Bengal on fire. Is that not so? (Interruptions)

SHRI SHIVRAJ V. PATIL: Sir, the initiator of the debate has asked me to explain, in specific terms, whether the Maowadis were there or not. I have said in so many words what was being done over there. They may not have written it on their shirts and other clothes that they are Maowadis and things like that. Now those people who are creating problem they were there. They may belong to Naxalite group or Maowadi group or any other group. But they were there. That is what I have said. And you don't have to have it from me. You have liberty, but I have limitations. Now, if I disclose any information, it can be used against the police forces also. (Interruptions) Sushmaji wanted to know whether the method adopted by the West Bengal Government in using the force against the people who were there was correct or not. You want me to sit on judgement. You want me to give judgement on that. Let it be decided by the court. (Interruptions) Let it be decided by the court. On the basis of information which I got through newspapers, or on the basis of the information which was sent to me through letters and on the basis of other information, without giving them an opportunity to cross-examine and examine, should I pronounce the judgement on them? (Interruptions) I would not do that. (Interruptions) Suppose the court says that they have committed a mistake, well it is for you to decide. (Interruptions) (Followed by VKK/2B)


MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: No, no. Please. (Interruptions) Nothing will go on record.

SHRI SHIVRAJ V. PATIL: Well, if the court has given a verdict, I don't have to give any another verdict. (Interruptions). Please don't disturb. (Interruptions)

ֳ֯ן : ֯ ך ..(־֮֬).. ֯ ך, ״Ù פ ס־߅ ..(־֮֬).

SHRI SHIVRAJ V. PATIL: Let me tell you, Madam, that your points were very valid and on all valid points, we will definitely see that action is taken. (Interruptions) Supposing you are doing it in this way. (Interruptions)

ֳ֯ן : Ӥ , ..(־֮֬).. Ӥ , he wants a clarification. (Interruptions)

SHRIMATI BRINDA KARAT: He should apologise. He gave false information. (Interruptions) He got the House adjourned. (Interruptions) Sir, he got the House adjourned on a false claim that there was police firing. (Interruptions)

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Nobody is interested in clarifications. (Interruptions) What can I do? (Interruptions) ׸ױ פ֓ï ..(־֮֬).. Please sit down. (Interruptions) Otherwise, if you are not interested in clarifications, time will be over and I will have to adjourn the House. (Interruptions) You are not interested in the clarifications...(Interruptions)...

SHRI SHIVRAJ V. PATIL: Sir, I am asked to express my view as to whether Naxalism is terrorism or not. Mr. Thakur wants me to give my view. Now, you can yourself judge. You can come to the conclusion. Why do you want my opinion? (Interruptions)

SHRI S.S. AHLUWALIA: You are the Home Minister of India. (Interruptions) We are asking from the Home Minister of India. (Interruptions)

SHRI SURENDRA LATH: Sir, he does not want to reply any of the points. (Interruptions)

ֵָ : ָ, ӡ ן ׻֋ ..(־֮֬)..

ֳ֯ן : ֯ ך, ? ..(־֮֬).. ֮֯ ׸ױ֮֠ , , ֯ ߓ ֛ ֟ ..(־֮֬).. There is a limit. (Interruptions) ֯ ֮ ָ ..(־֮֬)

ָ : ָ, ׌ ׸ïײ֙ , ӡ , ֯ ֟ ֮ ӿ , ֟ ו֋? ..(־֮֬)..

ֳ֯ן : ֯ ך ֮֯ ׸ױ֮ ׻ֵ, ֯ ך ..(־֮֬)..

SHRI AMAR SINGH: Who is telling the truth, you or Mr. Dasmunsi? Please tell us.

SHRI SHIVRAJ V. PATIL: Sir, I am not here to create problems. I am here to solve the problems. (Interruptions) If my friend, Mr. Ahluwalia, gets up every now and then, I think, I am hitting the nail on the head. Now, I was asked if anybody is not allowed in a particular area, was that area in a state of war or something of that kind. The question was asked by Mr. Thakur. I have made it very clear that in a democracy, everything has to be done according to the rule of law, according to our Constitution and according to our laws. Supposing, anybody is not allowed to enter his house, his farm or his village....(Interruptions)...

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: No. That is not possible. (Interruptions) I cannot allow this. (Interruptions) Hon. Minister not to respond to him. (Interruptions) Please don't respond to him. (Interruptions) This is not possible. (Interruptions)

SHRI SHIVRAJ V. PATIL: Sir, he is interrupting me. (Interruptions) Sir, I have made it very clear that if in any part of our country, anybody says that you will not be allowed to enter this place or this area, that cannot be tolerated by the Government. We shall have to take action and see that the liberty given to each one of us to go to any place, has to be protected. (Contd. by RSS/2c)


SHRI SHIVRAJ V. PATIL (CONTD.): Now, as far as Mr. Ahluwalia's question is concerned, first of all, the rule says that if you are raising any issue of this nature, you should give a notice to the Minister so that he can verify the facts and come prepared to answer it. That is one thing. The second thing is that he cannot depend on what is appearing in the newspapers... (Interruptions)

SHRI S.S. AHLUWALIA: The whole debate started on newspapers. I am also quoting from the newspapers.. (Interruptions)...

SHRI SHIVRAJ V. PATIL: If somebody does so, he has to take the responsibility that the statement which he is making, is reliable. He has to authenticate it, and then, it has to be done... (Interruptions)...

SHRI S.S. AHLUWALIA: If the Times of India is not reliable, if the Anand Bazar Patrika is not reliable, which paper is reliable?... (Interruptions)...

SHRI SHIVRAJ V. PATIL: Newspapers are reliable... (Interruptions)...

SHRI S.S. AHLUWALIA: If Mr. Sitaram Yechury quoted from the Indian Express, if he quoted from the Anand Bazar Patrika, that is reliable. When I quoted from these newspapers, that is not reliable. What Sushmaji quoted, that is not reliable... (Interruptions)...

SHRI SHIVRAJ V. PATIL: Sir, you can realise that if order cannot be maintained in the House, what can happen outside... (Interruptions)... As far as Dr. Bimal Jalan's question is concerned, it is an important question, but I won't be in a position to give in specific terms the reply to this question. Now, this matter is with the Foreign Trade Ministry, and that Minister is responsible. Because this issue was raised, and I was in the know of some of the facts relating to the formulation of the policy, I wanted to share it. But that is not a final thing. That is a direction in which we are moving. The final thing will be made and it will be presented to you. Your views also will be incorporated. If something has to be deleted, it will be deleted. If something has to be added, it will be added. But I should not be giving any authentic view on this point because I am not in the know of all the facts. Thank you.



THE MINISTER OF AGRICULTURE AND MINISTER OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS, FOOD AND PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION (SHRI SHARAD PAWAR): Mr. Deputy Chairman, Sir, I hereby lay the National Policy for Farmers 2007 on the Table of the House and hope that the new Policy would help regenerating our farming sector and bring in lasting improvement in the economic conditions of the farmers.


SHRI PRASANTA CHATTERJEE (WEST BENGAL): Sir, through you, I would like to point out a very serious matter. Just now, we have concluded the discussion on Nandigram... (Interruptions)...

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: What is the matter? There is no time.

SHRI PRASANTA CHATTERJEE: Sir, I want only one-and-a-half minute. Sir, on 21.11.07, when an unfortunate incident took place at Kolkata, in this very House, repeatedly, the House was misled by one Member... (Interruptions)...

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: No, no. I cannot allow that. You give notice... (Interruptions)... I cannot allow that. You give notice. Now, Special Mentions. Shri Ali Anwar... (Interruptions)...

SHRI PRASANTA CHATTERJEE: Sir, he should seek apology from this House... (Interruptions)...

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: I cannot allow that. You give notice. It is a part of the proceedings... (Interruptions)... No, no. You are to follow the rule. You are not following the rule.

SHRIMATI BRINDA KARAT: It is directly broadcast... (Interruptions)

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: I cannot allow that. Brindaji, everything you think right is not right. Everything you raise is not right... (Interruptions)... You give notice and that will be examined. I cannot take a decision on the proceedings... (Interruptions)...

SHRIMATI BRINDA KARAT: He has misled the House... (Interruptions)..

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: If he has misled the House, you give a notice of privilege. What can I do? ... (Interruptions).. No, no. If he has misled the House, you give notice of privilege. Now, Special Mentions.

Shri Ali Anwar. You lay it on the Table of the House. (followed by 2d)







־ָ (ײָ) : ֮֮ߵ ֳ֯ן , ָָ ֻ֟ פ ן פ ֮ߵ ߮ ß ֻ ֵ֟ ֆ ׿ִ ׸֮ ן ֜ ָ ֻ ײ ֻ ײ և ֜ ָ ޛ Ӥ ֜ ָ ָ ֟ ֲ֕ ׯ֔ ֻ ָ Ϥ 175 ֟ ߅

, ֻֻ ֮ á ָ ִ ׾ָ֟ ׳֮ ™ׯ֟ ֟ Ѭ ֤֕ ֛և ϟ ֮ פ օ ָ֮ ֛ ׮ֵ ֿ Ծ־ã ֲ ׬ ָ ֲ ָ ֛ ™ߵ ׮ֵ ׸֮ ָ֕ ߮ ß ֻ ָ ֮ ֻ ָ֕ ״ֻ ßֻ ָ֕ ָ כ͟ ׯ֔ פ áֵ ֮ ֓ ֟ ׿֟ ֲָ ֲָ ׿֟

ָ פ ָ ִõֆ ָ ߑ ֵ ֵ ֛ ָ ֵ ִו ־ã ִ֮ ֮ ֵօ

: ָָ ֱ ֋, ֻ֟ ָ ׻֋ ֮֋ ֋ ֣ ׻֋ ֻ֟ ֋ (ִ֯)

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Shri Mahendra Mohan. He is not here. Shri Lalit Kishore Chaturvedi. He is also not here. Shri Motilal Vora. He is not here. Shri C. Perumal. He is also not here.



MS. MABEL REBELLO (JHARKHAND): Sir, the recent report of UNICEF's Progress for Children, a report card on nutrition, released globally on 4th May, indicates that India has the highest number of malnourished children in the world, with Madhya Pradesh being the worst affected State.

About 47 per cent of under-fives, numbering 57 million children are underweight. Even in sub-Saharan Africa only 33 per cent of the children are malnourished.

The worst affected States in India are Jharkhand, UP, Rajasthan, Orissa, Bihar and Maharashtra. Over 50 per cent children in these States are malnourished. The reasons for India's pitiable performance are poor food quality, low social status of women and early marriage, leading to low birth weight, bad quality hygiene and high rate of illiteracy.

While releasing the report, UNICEF's India Chief Mr. Wemer Schultink said, "No other country was worse off than India in case of malnourished children. The causes for this are many - bad quality feeding, population density, high prevalence of infectious diseases, high rate of illiteracy among women, high prevalence of gender inequality, low rate of immunization and high rate of birth of underweight babies.

We must ensure that mothers feed newborn on breast milk, at least, for six months from birth, reduce infectious diseases, especially diarrhoea and malaria, and counsel mothers on better infant care.

This comes to request the Government to empower families by providing them with the resources and devices they need to improve health, feeding and childcare practices, and integrate child health and nutritional needs into national policy. (Ends)




ֳ ן־ָ (ָ Ϥ) : , ֟ ןפ 300 ֟ ִ ֮ ܵ ן 30 ״֮֙ ֮ 2005 ֕ ָ 312 ןפ ֟ ֟ ִ ןև 29 ־ֵ ֟ ִ 90 ܵ 45 ׬ ֟ ָ - ִ 44 ןֿ֟ ָ ׾־֤ ߴָ ָ - ӲӬ , ָ߲ ָ ֻ 2.2 ןֿ֟, פ׻ֵ ָ 2.7 ןֿ֟ ֆ ܵ ׬ ֲ ؓ֟ ֟ ܵ ׮ָָ ֜ 2006 ܵ֠ 1,13,914 ֜ ܵ 1,18,112 և ִ ֮ ֻ ֟ ִ֮ ֕ ܵ ׬ ֣״ ׸ ߵ ָ֬ ׸ ָ֬ ָ ׮ֻ ֵ , ֲ ֙ֆ ׸ և ֟ ׻֋ ֺ ָָ ֙ֆ ׾ß ָ֮ ׾ֿ ִ ִד֟ ֵ ֋Ӆ




ִ ̴֕ (ָ Ϥ) : , ָ ֟- ֮ פ֮ ֌ ֮֮ ־֕ ֌ ֵ֤֤ -֮ ָߤ ܟ, - ֱֻ ֲ ֵԾ Ù ־֮Դ ו ֌ ֤ 92 ָ ֤ ֱ ֙ וִ֮ ֛ ָ -֮ ָ֤ Õ֤ ׻ Ù֮ ֮ ו ָָ ִֻ֮ ׯ ߮ פֵ , ָ ֕ ׯ ״ֻ߅ ֮ ֮ ևԅ ָ™ ֕ ֟ ֋ ָ™ ֌ ֙ ߲ ָ ֤ ֌ ֻ ־֮Դ ֲ Ӭ Ϥ, ԙ ָָ ֮ ֌ ֻ֮ -߮ ֋ ә , ָ™ ָָ ߅ Ӳև ״ָֿ ָ ֟ ָ 200 ֤ ִ ûִ ָ "" ָ ֵ ו֮ 20 ֤ ִ ׯ ״ָֿ ָ֓ ׸ , ִֻ֮ ֻ֟ , ְ ֵ֮ פ ׻֋ ָָ ߻ פ ֵ֮׸ ֣ ֱ ֌ ֙ ָ ִֻ֮ ֻ ֋ ߴ ֕ ֌ ִִ ֙ ӌֵָ ׻֋ ׮ֵ㌟ ֋ ֵ֕֕ ֙ ִֻ֮ ׯ ֋ (ִ֯)

شری ابو عاصم اعظمی ""اتر پردیش": مہودے، میں اس اہم مدعے کی طرف حکومت ہند کا دھیان دلانا چاہتا ہوں کہ سینٹرل وقف ایکٹ بننے کے باوجود بھی پورے ملک میں وقف جائداد کی غیر قانونی خرید و فروخت، اس کے لین دین کے خلاف مناسب کاروائی اسٹیٹ گوورنمنٹس نہیں کر رہی ہیں جس سے سینٹرل وقف ایکٹ کا مقصد حل نہیں ہو رہا ہے۔ پورے ملک میں 92 ہزار ایکڑ سے زیادہ اوقاف کی پراپرٹی ہیں جن میں کہ بڑے حصے پر غیر قانونی قبضہ ہے۔ احمد نگر میں مسجد میں پولس اسٹیشن بنا ہے جسے سرکار نے مسلمانوں کو واپس کرنے کا یقین دلایا تھا، مگر وہ آج تک واپس نہیں ملی۔ چنگیز خان کے قلعے میں کورٹ بنا دی گئی۔ مہاراشٹر راجئے کی بات کی جائے تو مہاراشٹر میں ہی وقف پراپرٹیز قریب دس ہزار کروڑ سے زیادہ کی ہیں۔ اس کا نوٹ سینٹرل وقف کاؤنسل اور سینٹرل گورنمنٹ کو لینا چاہئے۔ جبکہ آندھرا پردیش، کرناٹک اور کیرل کی سرکاریں اپنے وقف بورڈ کو سالانہ دو- تین کروڑ روپے کی گرانٹ دیتی ہے، لیکن مہاراشٹر سرکار ایسا کچھہ نہیں کر رہی۔ ممبئی کے چیرٹی کمشنر کے دفتر میں خیراتی اداروں کی 200 کروڑ سے زیادہ کی رقم جمع ہے۔ مسلم اداروں کو "بی" کٹیگری میں درج کیا گیا ہے جن کی رقم 20 کروڑ سے زیادہ جمع ہے۔ وہ رقم بھی واپس لینے میں چیرٹی کمشنر کوتاہی کر رہے ہیں۔ سچر کمیٹی کی رپورٹ نے، مسلمانوں کے حالات اس دیش میں ایسے ہیں، کھلے لفظوں میں بیان کر دیا ہے۔ اس لئے میری سرکار سے اپیل ہے کہ اگر مائنارٹی کے ساتھہ انصاف کرنا ہے تو وقف بورڈ کی پراپرٹی پر قبضہ ہٹا کر مسلمانوں کے حوالے فورا کیا جائے اور سپریم کورٹ کے ایک جج کو وقف بورڈ کی تمام پراپرٹی کی انکوائری کے لئے مقرر کیا جائے اور ناجائز قبضہ ہٹا کر وہ پراپرٹی مسلمانوں کو واپس دی جائے۔

"ختم شد"



ֻ (֜) : ֮֮ߵ ֳ֯ן , ׯ֔ ߮ ֻ, ָޛ, ֜ ֕ ׾׳֮ ָ ך ֙֋ ־ָ ֙֋ ָ ׾ָ֓ ָ֬ ָ ֕ ׮ִ ֣ ֮, ד֟ ֮֕ן ׾ ִ ָ ֲֻ֮, ֻ, áֲֻ ׾֮֬ Ϥ ֚ ֮֮ ׻֋ ־֮֬ 㻻ִ㻻 ֵ ִ ֮֕ן ִ׮֮֬ ׻ֵ

׮ֵ ָ ֯ ִ ָ ֚ ֻ֟ ׻֯

ָָ ׾֮֬ ӿ֮ ֵ ָ ׾ָ֓ ו ֚ ֮֕ן ן׾׬ֵ ֻ֮ ן ָ ֯ ִ ָ ֕ ֜־




SHRI P.R. RAJAN (KERALA): Sir, the Union Commerce Ministry has already declared that the discussion on free trade between India and ASEAN is complete and it is likely to be declared at any time. If the agreement is implemented, Kerala's agriculture sector will head to a severe crisis. It will affect pepper, tea, coffee, etc., as these items have been included in the Negative List of 490 items in the agreement. India has also agreed to consider phase-by-phase reduction in import duties of these items, including palm oil. Reduction of import duty on palm oil will affect the coconut farmers of Kerala very adversely. Even now, because of import of pepper from Sri Lanka, Kerala's pepper farmers are facing severe crisis. If rubber is imported from Thailand and coconut from Vietnam, the farmers of Kerala will be thrown to a difficult situation. Reducing the import duty on the agricultural products will be a set back not only for the farmers in Kerala, but also to the entire country. It has to be noted here that about 260 million people, who live below the poverty line, are entirely dependant on farming and related works and such decisions will make their life worse.

The developing countries have realized that by agreeing to the Free Trade Agreement, they will lose their food security and sovereign rights on agricultural products.

The food security of the country will be threatened by this decision. For the sake of farmers, I urge upon the Government to resist pressure from developed countries. (CONTD. BY USY )




ֵָ () : , ֲ ֤ ׮֬Ԯ֟ ߴ ߓ , ־ԕ֮ ׾פ ֣ ֣ ֣ ֮֟ , ֕ ӵ ݵ ׯ֔ ֮ 2000 ֕ ֱ ׬ ֡ ֻ ֵ : ӡֵֻ ֕ ן ׬׬ ֮ פ ֮ ֕ -ֻ߸, -, ֻ֓-ײִֻ֛, ו֛-֜ פ ֻ , ׬ ߑ ӯ ֮ ָ ׸֯-ָ֤߯ ֮ ן ֣ד֟ ֮ פ ֮ ֻ֓ Ù֮ Ù֮ פ -և ֮և ֮ ָ֮-և פ ֮֕֬ ֟ פ ֵֻ ֮ ׻֋ ָ ֻֿ ָ֮ Ӳֻ֯, ֈ, ָ Ù߻ ֙ ֮֕֬ ־ Ӳֻ֯-יי֜-ֵ֯-֯ ֵֻ ׾ִּֿ֯-ָ ߸ ֯ ֳ ֟ פ ֵֻ ֮ , ֬ ׿ִ ָ և ֕ ֮ ָ ֻ֓-Ӳֻ֯ ֮ Ӳ ֻև

, ֬ ϴ Ù֮ ϟ- ݵ ֟ ӛ Ù֮ ָ ִ ֵ֮ ֮ ָ֮-Ӳֻ֯ ֳ Ù֮ , ׾ֿ ִָ֓֯, ֻ֮, ֻ֓ , , ӛ, פ Ù֮ ִ ׾ ׻֋ ָָ ֻ ָ ָ ׻֋ ֮־֤ (ִ֯)





׻ (׸) : ֳ֯ן , ֮ ָ Ϥ ֮ ܵ ֻ ߮ ״ֻ ֮ ֮ ߵ ֮ ׬׮ִֵ ָ և ݵ ֟ ֮ ׯ֔ ֻ ֮ 滵 ֮֟ ֵ ֮ ִָ ָ ָ ֮ ֵ ָ ֕ ׮ִֵָ֮ ״ֻ ֟, ֲ ֮ ָ ָָ ֣ ָ ֵ ֮ , ָ ֕ ֣ ޛ ֕ ֟ ֮ ִ֮ ֵ־ ãן ֮ ֵ Ϥ ָָ ֮ ׵֟ ׮־ ִ ãן ָ֤ ֮ ָ֮֮ , ָָ , ָ ֵ ״ֻ ãן ֵ־ Ϥ ָָ ߮ ״ֻ և ֡ ָ ֮ ֮ ֻ ֻ ײ֕և

֯ ִ֬ ֻӟ ׾ֵ ֤ ָָ ֮ ָָ ֻ֟ ß ֮ ֵ Ϥ֮ ֮, ֵ ֮֟ ֮֮ ֋ ֮ ׸և ֮ ӲӬ ֵԾ ֮






SHRIMATI SUPRIYA SULE (MAHARASHTRA): Sir, the Maharashtra Government had submitted a request to the Government of India for allotment of coal blocks to Maharashtra State Mining Corporation on 22nd August, 2002, to make up the wide gap between the demand and supply of electricity and coal. The proposal is to reserve 27 coal blocks for mining for the Maharashtra State Mining Corporation. The matter was taken up by the Maharashtra Government with the Secretaries of Industry, Energy and Labour Departments, vide letters dated 22nd August, 2002, 18th January, 2003, 4th February, 2003, 23rd November, 2004 and 10th January, 2006. In spite of these reminders, the Central Government neither raised any points nor sought any information from the Maharashtra Government. However, the Government of India vide its letter dated 2nd august, 2005, conveyed 'in principle' approval for working of Marki Zari Jamani, Adkoli Coal Block to MSMC and Gare Palama Sector-II Coal Block to Tamil Nadu State Electricity Board and MSMC jointly.

Sir, the approval for the remaining coal blocks is still awaited. In spite of several reminders from the Maharashtra Government, approval of coal blocks has not been granted so far. Sir, this matter is of great importance because demand and supply of electricity and coal is very much needed in the State of Maharashtra. If these proposals are approved, it will help to a great extent the Maharashtra Government. I, therefore, urge upon the Government to kindly approve the remaining coal blocks for Maharashtra at an early date. (Ends)

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: The House is adjourned for lunch to meet at 2.30 p.m.


The House then adjourned for lunch at sixteen minutes

past one of the clock.