SHRI PRIYARANJAN DASMUNSI (CONTD.): Nandigram, the name, linked with the CRPF, and I have been criticised. Never. I would like to make it clear in this House today -- I got the opportunity yesterday -- that I wanted to give that respect to the State Government. The State is capable enough intellectually, in secular philosophy, and in administration, not to take assistance from any quarter. Why? I did argue this point. I said that in four situations the CRPF is asked. One, natural disaster - Tsunami, rescue, flood etc. Two, when the insurgent forces spread over districts and districts, paramilitary forces are needed. Three, declaration of disturbed area district in international borders. Four, communal riots. Luckily, the people of West Bengal have not been cursed by natural disasters, they are intellectually solid up to the grassroot levels to prevent any communal designs and that should continue, and there are no insurgent forces which are disturbing our districts and there is no disturbed area there. I just try to argue that even to deal a situation in one-third of an Assembly constituency, if the CRPF is deployed, will it enhance the prestige and dignity of the Government which is having 15 armed police battalions, including AFR? If you feel that all the people of Nandigram block 1 are Naxalites and to circumvent them by outside forces, you need that logic; I don't know. It is up to the knowledge of the Government. But I did not say that nothing should be given. Every time, in every matter I offered my support for all issues.

In the end, I would like to tell you, Sushmaji, you have been there. Even if they have narrated everything, the only thing I would like to tell you is this. While you ended with it, I begin with that. You said that so and so children met you. Yes, it is true. On the Brother's Festival Day I could not take my tilak. I said it the other day. Before ten minutes of the tilak, I got the phone call from the Pradesh Congress President, Somenji, asking me, "Can you rescue me in another 15 minutes as my house will be torched?" And he also told me that "My 70 years old father will be dragged". I talked to the DG, Police. I noted the time in my mobile. The DG, Police said, "You are right. The situation is bad. I am trying to protect them." Within ten minutes, when my sister put the tilak, the phone call came and everything was over. Now, the house went into ashes. It is really Samuch Pradhan, Gram Pradhan, they are not Maoists. They are not Maoists. They celebrated UPA achievements the other month in Midnapore. I could not help. I did not say that Shri Sitaram Yechury sent it; I did not say that Buddhadeb sent it. When a situation develops like this, people may not have control. They lose control and many accidents happen. And till today, his sister is in somebody's shelter. She could not come back home. Yesterday, the Kerala Youth Congress President and all Congress Presidents had been there. In the night they conveyed to me that to distribute the relief also, they were threatened. When, with great difficulty, they tried to send the relief to two families, in advance, they got a message that unless you pay Rs.15,000, Rs.20,000 fine per night, you cannot come back. I know it will be tackled; I still feel that it will be tackled. I do not say that because of that some bad thing should happen. But, objectively, we must address what is right and what is wrong. So, Sushmaji, you concluded with that, I would also conclude with one thing. When I was in Gujarat and coming back, I met with so many people. I said this in the Lok Sabha before the former Prime Minister, Atalji. A Muslim darji came to me. He was trembling. rustle I asked him, "What are you? Are you giving some memorandum to us?" Shri Kamalnathji was there; Somnathji was also there. When the Muslim darji came to me, I thought that he was a victim of riots. From what he told me, I felt Gandhiji is again killed. He said - "֯ פ ֋ ? ֯ ִ ׯϵָ֮ ӿ ?" -"" - " ִ ו֋" I thought that he was asking for some relief. ֮ - " ִ ו֋ ׮ֵ , ֛ ֬և ו֋ , ֱ ָ ֻ֮ ߮ ׻ֵ ֋, ֳ ִֻ֮ օ ָ , ָ ֻ֮ ָ ߮ , ָ ߮ ׬ָ ״ֻ ֋օ" I came and told this thing to Atalji on the floor of the House. So, that also I heard. So, let us not give one cry only. The collective cries should be addressed collectively in terms of the Constitution and our resolve. That is what I would like to submit, Sir. (Ends)

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN (PROF. P.J. KURIEN): The House stands adjourned to meet at 3.00 p.m.


The House then adjourned for lunch at five minutes past

two of the clock.