SHRI S.S. AHLUWALIA: Sir, it is not fair. (Interruptions) * Where is it written that the statement should be at 5 o' clock? (Interruptions)

ֳ֯ן : ֮ ָ ֯ precedents ֋ ..(־֮֬)..

֮֮ߵ ֤õ : כ֮ ?

ֳ֯ן : ߮ օ ..(־֮֬)..

..׻ֵ : ָ ֮֯ ֻ ٟ֮֯ ..(־֮֬).. ֺ ? ..(־֮֬)..֯ Ù և ֲ ? ..(־֮֬).. ֜ ? ..(־֮֬)..




THE MINISTER OF SHIPPING, ROAD TRANSPORT AND HIGHWAYS (SHRI T.R. BAALU): Sir, The Port and Dock Workers of Major Ports and Dock Labour Boards are not covered by the Payment of Bonus Act, 1965. They are being paid Productivity-Linked-Reward (PLR) instead. From 1994-95, they were paid PLR on the basis of Memorandum of

* Expunged as ordered by the Chair.
Settlement dated 8.2.1996 between the Management of Major Port Trusts and Labour Federations of Port and Dock Workers under the Industrial Dispute Act, 1947. Under the scheme, the PLR was paid upto 2001-02.

A new PLR scheme was evolved by Indian Ports Association in consultation with Major Federations of Port and Dock Workers. In the new Scheme, there are three parameters i.e. Average Turn Round Time of ships with weightage of 30%, Average Ship berth day Output with weightage of 35% and unit cost of handling with weightage of 35%. Government approved on 8.2.2007 the new PLR Scheme for the period 2002-03 to 2009-10. A new settlement has also been signed between the Port Management and Federations on the new PLR Scheme on 10.4.2007. The joint reference earlier made to the National Tribunal, Mumbai on the question of payment of PLR on the basis of Port-wise productivity has also been withdrawn.


Now, the PLR for the year 2006-2007 is due for payment on or before 1-9-2007. The Indian Ports Association have made the computation of PLR for the year 2006-2007 as per the agreed performance parameters and methodology and the PLR percentage is arrived at 21.38%, subject to the maximum ceiling of 20%. I have pleasure to inform the Hon'ble House that in accordance with the new settlement arrived at between the Port Management and the Major Federations, PLR for the year 2006-07 is being released by the Major Port Trusts and Dock Labour Boards to the Port & Dock workers, employees and officers on schedule. The maximum payment per employee at the rate of 20% will be Rs.6,000/-. This will benefit about 66,000 Port and Dock Workers, employees and Officers and the financial implications will be about Rs. 40 crores. The expenditure on account of PLR shall be met by the Major Port Trusts and Dock Labour Boards from their own resources, without budgetary support from the Government. (Ends)

ֳ֯ן : Ù ..(־֮֬).. Ahluwaliaji, you see the record, you see the precedence, how many times...(Interruptions)

..׻ֵ : ָ פ ֛ ֋ ֲֻ֟ ? ..(־֮֬).. ֻ֟ ֟ ..(־֮֬).. ֻ֟ ֟ ..(־֮֬)..

߸ י : ָ ״ֻ֮ ..(־֮֬)..

ֳ֯ן : ֯ ױ ֋..(־֮֬)..֯ ױ הօ ..(־֮֬)..

..׻ֵ : ֻ֟ ֟ ..(־֮֬)..

ֳ֯ן : ֻ֟ ֟ ..(־֮֬)..ӡ , ֯ ו֋..(־֮֬)..



THE MINISTER OF HEALTH & FAMILY WELFARE (DR. ANBUMANI RAMDOSS): Sir, the resident doctors of All India institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi are on strike on the issue of delay in award of degree to the successful students by the Institute. As per the procedure followed, every year a Convocation of AIIMS is required to be held sometime in the month of February when the degrees are awarded to the successful students who must appear in person at the Convocation to receive the degree unless he is permitted to take the degree in absentia. The degrees shall bear signature of President, Director, Dean and the Registrar of AIIMS. The Director, AIIMS, however, Sir, has not organized the Convocation for the last two years. As a special case, considering the requirement of original degrees for students appearing in USMLE, USA, etc. 54 MBBS degrees of 2005 were signed by all concerned to be awarded to the students. Similarly for the year 2006 also 49 MBBS degrees were forwarded by the Director, AIIMS only on 20th August 2007 for my signature as President, AIIMS. These degrees were signed amongst others by one Dr. Sandeep Aggarwal as Registrar of the Institute. Sir, as per the AIIMS Regulations, the appointing authority for Registrar is the Governing Body. Sh. V.P. Gupta was appointed by the competent authority as Registrar in 2002 and he has been functioning since then as Registrar, AIIMS. His continuance in the post of Registrar was also considered by the Governing Body in its meeting held in January 2007 and again in May 2007 and the Governing Body decided that he should continue to function as Registrar. The degrees forwarded by the institute were, however, signed by one Dr. Sandeep Aggarwal who is not Registrar, AIIMS appointed by the Governing Body. I have returned the degrees to the Director, AIIMS for rectifying the mistake at the earliest so that the degrees to the students who require such degree urgently can be issued immediately.

You will appreciate, Sir, any degree signed by an unauthorized person will render the degree illegal and invalid, it is unfortunate that the resident doctors resorted to strike without appreciating my concern for their future. I have instructed the Director, AIIMS to take necessary steps to ensure the strike is called off and the patient care services in the Institute are restored immediately.


My utmost sympathy is with the students who are waiting for award of degrees for more than two years which is primarily due to delay in holding convocation. I have asked the Director, AIIMS to convene the convocation within a period of one month so that pending degrees could be awarded to the students without any further delay.


..׻ֵ : ֲֻ֟ ? ..(־֮֬)..

SHRI VYALAR RAVI: This is an important statement. Why can't you allow? This is not fair. (Interruptions)

ֳ֯ן : ߕ ך ֯ ך ..(־֮֬).. ׸Ù ..(־֮֬).. , ׸Ù , ֯ ך ..(־֮֬).. Ahluwaliaji, you see the records, how many times, in this House, the Ministers had, in between a debate, requested the Chair for making statements, and the House had allowed it. (Interruptions) You see the records how many times the Ministers had requested, in between a debate, to make statements, and the House had considered....(Interruptions) The Chair has taken the decision, and you are challenging the decision. (Interruptions) Is it fair? (Interruptions) No; no, is it fair or not? (Interruptions) No; no, I can't agree with you. (Interruptions) I have given the permission. (Interruptions) I have given the permission. (Interruptions) You do whatever you want to do. (Interruptions) ֟ ? ..(־֮֬).. , ..(־֮֬).. ..(־֮֬).. ֯ ֤ ..(־֮֬)..֯ ָ ֤ ..(־֮֬).. ..(־֮֬).. ֟


ָ ..(־֮֬).. ׸ ֋օ ..(־֮֬)..׸ ֋օ ..(־֮֬).. Mr. Ahluwalia, you please go back to your seat. (Interruptions) Please go back to your seat (Interruptions) I am asking you to go back to your seat. (Interruptions) You are not cooperating with the Chair. (Interruptions) This is nothing, but politics. (Interruptions) ׸ ֋օ ..(־֮֬).. I won't allow the unparliamentary words to go on record. ..(־֮֬)..ֈ ֻ֮ ֟ ֻֆ ..(־֮֬)..֮֯ ֮ ֟Բ ..(־֮֬).. Many a time, you have allowed to make a statements. (Interruptions) I am very sorry, today...(Interruptions)

(Contd. by 3p -- KSK)


MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: I am sorry...(Interruptions). I really feel this is not helping the House to function. It is only to disturb the House...(Interruptions). Just because you have taken a decision; just because one person has taken a decision, you are challenging the Chair...(Interruptions).

SHRI V. NARAYANASAMY: Sir, they are not allowing the Minister to speak in the House...(Interruptions). They have no right to say...(Interruptions).

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: It will not help...(Interruptions). No, you said that...(Interruptions). I agree that you said that...(Interruptions). No, what bulldozing...(Interruptions). It is not bulldozing...(Interruptions). ֯ և..(־֮֬) ֯ և, ߕ..(־֮֬)..(Interruptions). Mr. Narayanasamy...(Interruptions). Because whatever have been said in the Well, it is not on record...(Interruptions). ֯ , ֯ ..(־֮֬).. It has not gone on record...(Interruptions). So many times, Chair has been challenged...(Interruptions).. ..(־֮֬).. This is not correct...(Interruptions). Who has not taken the confidence of the Opposition? Who is not taking...(Interruptions).

SHRI S.S. AHLUWALIA: Why is the Minister in a hurry? Where is the Minister? Please, call him. Where is the Minister...(Interruptions). He has come and gone away. There is convention in the House that Members can seek clarifications...(Interruptions).

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: How many times you see that...(Interruptions). I have quoted the precedent. A number of times, the Chair and the House have agreed that, in between, a statement by a Minister can be made...(Interruptions). It is a practice. Ministers have been requesting and the Chair and the House have unanimously agreed for a statement in between a number of times. And, for that matter, because I allowed it, are you challenging it?...(Interruptions). Is it bulldozing?..(Interruptions).

SHRI S.S. AHLUWALIA: These are the most important statements. One is about workers; other is about Doctors...(Interruptions).

ߴ֟ ֵ : ֮֯ ָ ..(־֮֬)..

ֳ֯ן : ֵ ..(־֮֬)..

Please, read this statement. You don't know...(Interruptions).

..(־֮֬).. ײֻ ..(־֮֬).. ׸ױ֮ ։ ..(־֮֬).. ֯ כӛ ֲ ֟ ..(־֮֬)..

..׻ֵ : ׾µ ָ ..(־֮֬).. ׾µ ָ ..(־֮֬).. ։ ..(־֮֬)..

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Mr. Ahluwalia, you have a right to seek clarifications. I will allow seeking clarifications...(Interruptions).

SHRI S.S. AHLUWALIA: Sir, the Minister ran away from the House...(Interruptions).

ֳ֯ן : ֕ ׸ױ֮ ։ ..(־֮֬)..

..׻ֵ : ֕ ..(־֮֬).. Why not today?

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: See, if you want to disturb, you can disturb; if you want to cooperate, you can cooperate. This is totally...(Interruptions). I feel very sorry about the whole episode and it is

not correct. I again request the Members to take the seats...(Interruptions).

SHRI VIRENDRA BHATIA: This is very serious concern relating to Doctors and this needs a serious debate.

ֳ֯ן : ֋, ֮֯ ֮ ֟Բ ֈ , you tell honestly, how many times, the Ministers have made a statement in between when the debate is going on. Just because you have taken a decision that it should be opposed and you are opposing it, and Chair, within his right, has taken a decision...(Interruptions). Which matter is not serious?...(Interruptions).

SHRI VIRENDRA BHATIA: Sir, this is a very important issue relating to a premier institution, relating to Doctors, teachers...(Interruptions).

ߴ֟ ֵ : ָ, ֮֮ߵ ӡ ֲֵ ֋ ..(־֮֬)..

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: We will allow clarifications on this statement...(Interruptions).

SHRI S.S. AHLUWALIA: We had requested the Chair that it could be taken up at 5.30 p.m. so that clarifications could be sought. You have allowed the Minister to dump the statement and run away.

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: What are you talking?...(Interruptions). The House has been disturbed. Nothing will go on record.


(followed by 3q - gsp)




MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Why are you entering into all this? (Interruptions)

THE MINISTER OF OVERSEAS INDIAN AFFAIRS (SHRI VAYALAR RAVI): Mr. Deputy Chairman, Sir, I want to make a submission. (Interruptions)

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Nothing will go on record. (Interruptions) If Mr. Narayanasamy...(Interruptions)... Anybody calling anybody a * is not a correct thing. If Mr. Narayanasamy withdraws it in the interest of the House, I have no objection. But I cannot ask him because it is not on record. (Interruptions)

SHRI VAYALAR RAVI: With due respect to my old friend, Mr. Ahluwalia, I want to make a submission. (Interruptions)


MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: It is not correct. Don't use it. (Interruptions)


MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Don't use it further. (Interruptions)



MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: No, no. (Interruptions) Nobody needs to be a Marshal for me. There are Marshals. (Interruptions)


MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: The House is adjourned for fifteen minutes.

- - -

The House then adjourned at

twelve minutes past five of the clock.




*Not recorded.


The House re-assembled at thirty minutes past five of the clock,


THE VICE-CHAIRMAN: The Minister will make a statement.

֤ߵ ֵ ӡֵֻ ֕ ӡ ( ֓) : ֮־ָ, ֤ߵ ֵ ֕ ӡ ֟ ֤ ֮ ؙ ï ָ , օ ãן ϟ׿֟ , ֤ߵ ֵ ֕ ӡ ֟ ֤ ָ ָ ֌ ֤ ָָ ׾ֵ ָ -׾֟ , ו , ֤ ֟־ָ ֤ ֵֻ ֤ ־ָ ָָ ֜֟ ֯ ֣Ԯ ֮֮ߵ סֵ ֌־ ãן ׮ٴ֟ , ֣Ԯ ֙ ֋ ֯ ׮֤֮ , ׮֤֮ ֻ֮ ׻֋ ֯ ֮ ָ ֳ ֮֮ߵ ֤õ ָ , ָ , ֟־ָ ׮ִ ו ֟־ָ , ׾ֵ ָ ֣֯ (ִ֯)

ֳ֬ : 

00 ׻ֵ (ָӛ) : ֳ֬ , ֈ adjourn ֤ , ݵ֮֕ ãן ׻֋ ֌ , ׻֋ ֌ ֤ , ֕ ֳ ָָ ֲ ӡ Ù , ױ֮ ֟ ֕ ֤ ֯ Ù ׸, ֛ ׸ ִ֕ ӡ 0ָ0 ֻ ָ ׻֋ ׌׾֙ ֛ ָ օ ָ ָ ֤ ֺ ֤õ Ͽ ױ ָ ֯ "" ֌ Ùև Ӳ׬֟ օ ֌ ׯ֔ ߮ כϵ ״ֻ ָ ׾֮֫ ֌ ִ֤ ָ ß ׮ֻ ׻֋ Ù פօ ָ ֮֮ ָ ִ֬ ָ ֮֮ "" ֮ ֜ ãן ָ ֱ 8 ֤õ ֮ ֻ 8 ֤õ ֜ 5 ֕ ִ֯ ֋ ֓ 14 ָ ֻ , ֤ Ù ׻ֵ ֋ ֤ Ù ָ ֻ ױ ׬ָ ד֟ ֋ ֤ ִ֬ ד֟ ֋ ֮ , ָ ן֌֟ ִ ֤ , ׻֋ ֤ ִ 20 ֋, ָ ֤ߵ ֵ ֕ ӡ ֱ ֮ ֮ סֵ ֱ ֮ ִ פ ֤ ־׸ ֤ ֤ ֺ ִ ֤ ־ֻ ־ֲ ֲ ֱ ֮ Ù ֮ ֻ ֮ Ծ ֻ֮ Ծ ׮־ ֤ ֟ ֮ ֤ ֟ ֟ ֌ ָ ֟ ֮ ִ ִ֟ ևӤ ӡ ֻ֮ (3 /֕ ָ )


SHRI V. NARAYANASAMY : Sir, before the House was adjourned, I regret for what has happened. But, I would like to submit something about the procedure and everything that we have been discussing. The institution of the Chair and its dignity are to be upheld by the hon. Members. That is very important and in this House, I have been seeing that the authority of the Chair has to be not only upheld but has also to be kept in highest esteem by the hon. Members. But, I am pained to say that it is not being observed by some Members of this House. Therefore, Sir, today, I would like to submit in this august House, with authority that unless and until we maintain the dignity and decorum of the Chair, we will not be able to follow the system. Whatever happened and the kind of feeling which the hon. Deputy Chairman had, we all feel sorry for that. Not only that; we all apologise to you for what had happened. You should forget it and come back and take the Chair.

ߟִָ : ָ, ָ ָ߿֮ ... (־֮֬)..ָ, , ݵ֯ , ֟ ו ָ ֮֮ߵ ӡ ֤ ָ ׾֯ ָ ֟ և ָ ֟ ֱ ִֵ ֤ , ֮ ֵ, ָ , ֓ ֤ ֵԤ ֤ ָָ ָ ֮֮ߵ ֳ֯ן ֮ ֲ֕֟ ָ , ֱ , ֯ ִ֬ ֱ ֤ ָ þָ ֮ ָ ָ ֋, ִֻ ֋

֮֮ߵ ֤õ : ָ, ָ ։


THE VICE-CHAIRMAN (SHRI PRASANTA CHATTERJEE): The entire House has expressed regret and we all agree that the dignity of the House should be maintained by all of us. So, on your behalf, I will go and ask the hon. Deputy Chairman to preside the Chair. The Short Duration Discussion will continue. Shri Chandra Sekar Reddy will speak.

(MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN in the Chair)

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Now, I would like to take the sense of the House regarding clarifications because six or seven hon. Members are still remaining on this discussion which is pending for a very long time. If you want the clarifications now itself, the Ministers are present or we can take it up tomorrow. I would like to take the sense of the House.

ߴ֟ ִ þָ֕ : ָ, ָ ״׮Ù ׾֬ , ָ ױ֮ ֕ ֛ ָ ֓ ֟

THE MINISTER FOR SHIPPING, ROAD TRANSPORT & HIGHWAYS (SHRI T.R. BAALU): Sir, we are not inconvenienced. We are very much here. Knowing fully our responsibility, we came back. We have got lot of work in the other House also.

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: That is not the point.

SHRIMATI SUSHMA SWARAJ: Will we take it up tomorrow?

SHRI T.R. BAALU: Sir, tomorrow, I have to attend the SAARC conference. I will not be available. I am sorry. (Interruptions)

֓ : ָ, ָ ֤ ֟ , פ ָ ױ֮ ׻֋ ֵ ...(־֮֬).. ָ

ߴ֟ ִ þָ֕ : ״׮Ù , ״׮Ù ߅ ..(־֮֬)..

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: You have other business also. That is the point.

֓ : þã ӡ ֤ ֮ ...(־֮֬)

ߴ֟ ִ þָ֕ : þã ӡ ֤ ֮ , ֻ ֋Ӆ ָ ֤ פ , ..(־֮֬)

ֳ֯ן : , ...(־֮֬)

֓ : ָ, ֣Ԯ ...(־֮֬)

SHRI T.R. BAALU: Sir, I am sorry. Tomorrow, I won't be available throughout the day.

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: The time for seeking clarifications can be fixed on some other day.

֓ : פ ...(־֮֬)

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Now, Shri Ravula Chandra Sekar Reddy.

(Followed by MKS/3u)




SHRI RAVULA CHANDRA SEKAR REDDY (ANDHRA PRADESH): Thank you, Sir. At last, we could come back to the normal business. The request for having a debate on floods is pending for a long time. The debate was initiated by Kalraj Mishraji. We are experiencing floods every year. In some part or the other, we are experiencing floods. Since many Members have spoken about their experiences regarding the floods in various States, I will confine myself to the problems being faced by my own State, Andhra Pradesh.

Sir, during the recent floods, about ten lakh people are affected in my own State, Andhra Pradesh. Sir, 65 persons died in the aggravated flood situation in the State; 14 districts were badly affected; out of them, Kurnool is the worst affected, Sir. Kurnool District in the Rayalaseema area is the worst affected. Apart from Kurnool, East Godavari and West Godavari, Guntur, Prakasam, my own District Mehboob Nagar and Krishna are badly affected by virtue of these unprecedented floods in my State. Sir, about 48,000 cattle were lost, and 13,450 house are fully damaged. According to my information, about 1,87,000 houses are partially damaged by virtue of these floods. We are experiencing cyclones, floods and tsunami, and it has become a regular affair. We are losing a lot of crops and a huge national wealth. Sir, I would request the hon. Minister, apart from concentrating on long-term measures, to concentrate on the temporary measures also.

Sir, this interlinking of rivers, according to me, is most essential. The work started by Mr. Suresh Prabhu as Chairman of that organisation is incomplete. That has to be completed. On most of the occasions, farmers are the worst affected people by virtue of these floods, and whenever there is a calamity, we will be sending a Central team to the State. Sir, it is not that just the visit of the Central team is delayed, but their submission of report is delayed too, and nobody knows what ultimately happens to the report. I would request the hon. Minister to also revive the guidelines of NCCF (National Calamity and Contingency Fund). The guidelines should be revised. Though there is a partial revision of these guidelines, I would request the Minister to modify these guidelines according to the present needs.

Sir, sea-erosion is another big problem. In my State, places like Kakinada and Vizag are badly affected by virtue of these sea-erosions, silting of rivers and erosion of seabeds. As the riverbeds are filled with sand, there are instances when the Government of India has taken up certain programmes as national programmes in restoring the rivers, in controlling the floods, whereas in respect of Andhra Pradesh, not even a single project at the national level is taken up. And the funds provided by the Central Government to the State Government are very meagre. They are not having much resources. Due to paucity of funds, they are unable to concentrate on the flood-damage work, and the money given to the State Government is also not fully utilised or is not properly utilised in my own State. I request the Minister to concentrate on the utilisation part also.

Sir, rescheduling of loans is another problem. Whenever loans are rescheduled... (Time Bell) You want me to complete it now, Sir. Rescheduling of loans is another problem. Whenever rescheduling of loans takes place, the interest is accrued to them. Again, it has become a burden for the farmers. Whenever rescheduling of loans takes place, there should be waiver of interest simultaneously; otherwise, the very purpose of rescheduling the loans will not be served.

(Contd. by TMV/3w)


SHRI RAVULA CHANDRA SEKAR REDDY (CONTD.): The unit cost of houses, which are sanctioned on account of floods, is very meagre, going by the present rates of steel, cement and other materials. The unit cost should be increased according to the present rates.

The other point is supply of seeds. When the entire crop is washed away and the farmers are left with no seeds, they go in for private purchase at a high cost, and, ultimately, the cost of production becomes very high. When they go to sell their produce, the minimum support price is not in tune with the money spent by them on agriculture. Whenever there is a calamity, fully subsidised seeds should be supplied to the farmers.

The other category which is badly hit is the fishermen. They are the worst sufferers by virtue of these floods. They should be adequately compensated. Whenever they do not go for fishing they should be given daily wages and they should be given some employment offshore.

Apart from these things, I would request the hon. Minister to interact and discuss these issues with the neighbouring countries like Bangladesh and Nepal. In the morning, we had a question with regard to melting of ice in Tibetan borders. These are the problems which are posing grave concern to States like Bihar and other bordering States. This is high time that the Government initiated a discussion with them and tried to have a concrete proposal with the neighbouring countries so that we are able to control the floods and utilise the flood waters for better purposes, instead of allowing them to destroy our fields and thereby causing loss of human beings, as well as, cattle. I, once again, request the hon. Minister to send the team at the appropriate time, get the reports immediately and process them. Whatever the help that you are going to extend to them, that should be a timely one. If it is delayed, the very purpose will be defeated. With these words, I conclude. Thank you. (Ends)

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Hon. Members, there are six more speakers. All the political parties, everybody, have exhausted their time. I request you to take the minimum possible time and let us conclude it. Shri Janardhana Poojary.

SHRI JANARDHANA POOJARY: Sir, last time I made a Special Mention. So, I requested my party not to include my name. (Interruptions)...

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Thank you. Shrimati Prema Cariappa.

SHRIMATI PREMA CARIAPPA (KARNATAKA): Thank you very much, Sir, and I thank Mr. Janardhana Poojary too.

Sir, I rise to speak on the situation arising out of the floods in various parts of the country. The recurring menace of flood and erosion constitute one of the biggest challenges before the nation today. Over the decades, this has proved to be a perennial bane for the country inflicting extensive damages on agriculture and infrastructure in particular.

Today, different parts of the country are facing the wrath of monsoon, be it Brahmaputra, or, Godavari, or, Ganges, or, Cauvery. The deserts of Rajasthan are also getting floods. A number of people are dying because of floods and many more have fallen ill. When rains have brought relief from heat and cheer to the people, it has led to floods in many States.

Sir, in the State of Karnataka, which is in the grip of rain fury, floods claimed 43 human lives. The State recorded very heavy rainfall from June to 12th August, 2007. The rainfall over the State from 1st June to 12th August is the highest since 1970. During June, the State rcorded rainfall which is 54 per cent more than the normal. Districts like Koppal, Raichur, Bellary, Chitradurga, Belgaum, Bidar, Bagalkote, Bijapur, Hassan, Chikamagalur and Kodagu recorded rainfall exceeding 100 per cent than the normal. The areas in Raichur, Koppal and Gulbarga received exceptionally heavy rainfall during the period which was the highest in the last 100 years.

This has resulted in large inflow and all the major reservoirs have reached their full capacity. The huge outflow from the reservoirs has caused floods, inundation and extensive damages to lives, property, infrastructure, agriculture and horticultural crops. (Contd. By VK/3X)


SHRIMATI PREMA CARIAPPA (CONTD): The heavy rainfall in the State accompanied by huge releases from reservoirs has resulted in loss of 43 human lives, damage to nearly two lakh hectares of standing agriculture crops like paddy, sugarcane, maize, sunflower, red gram, green gram, etc. Further it has caused damages to infrastructure also.

Sir, the First Flood Memorandum amounting to Rs. 406.42 crores has been submitted to the Central Government. The Central Study Team, which had visited the State, has submitted its report to the Government of India. The Central Government's share of 1st instalment is Rs. 47.40 crores for 2007-08. But the Central Government has released only Rs. 23.70 crores under CRF, deducting Rs. 23.70 crores, which was released as advance during 2006-07.

In the revised guidelines the Central Government has enhanced the compensation, but has not enhanced the CRF annual allocation to States.

Since massive damages have been caused to crops, houses and infrastructure, I would urge upon the Government to release, at least, ad hoc amount of Rs. 500 crores under NCCF, to ensure that farmers get adequate support through crop insurance. Accordingly, steps should be taken for the benefit of the farmers. There is a lot to be done for the people in this situation of calamity.

I would like to draw the attention of the hon. Minister to the Vidarbha Package. Under the Vidarbha Package, Rs. 2689 crores have been released to Karnataka. This amount has to be distributed to the six districts of Karnataka, that is, Kodagu, Chikmaglur, Hasan, Belagavi, Shimoga and Chitradurga. All these six districts have been affected very badly. Unfortunately, the Government of Karnataka, instead of releasing the money equally to all these six districts, is diverting this money for some other purpose. Because of heavy rains and floods, people have lost their crops, including falling of coffee seeds. These people have borrowed money from banks and financial institutions. Now they cannot repay their loans. If the Government gives minimum of Rs. 400 crores, to these districts, the farmers will be benefited and will be releived from the burden of indebtedness. I request the hon. Minister to intervene in this matter and see to it that this Vidarbha Package is used for the real purpose and the money is not diverted for some other purpose, so that the people can be saved and are prevented from committing suicide. Thank you. (Ends)

..֯ (ԙ) : ֮־֤ ֳ֯ן ߅ ֟ ֻ ֮ ָ ֮ , Ƹ ֮ ָ ֮ ߲֮ 60 ֻ ֮ ԙ ֻ ֲ ֤ ָ ףֵ ָ ֵ֟ I do not want to report all those things. But I would like to say one thing. How far are we going to tolerate it? We have already crossed 60 years of Independence. פ ֻ ֜ ׻֋ ָ ִ ׻֋ ֋ ֮ ֮־ָ ֮ ָ , crops ָ ֮ օ ɯ ָ ֻ ׸ ֲ֤ ԙ ׸ ֵ ָ™ ֲָֻ ׮֮ ֻ ֳ֦, ߴ ֻ֯ϳ פ ָ ֲ, ꯯ֻ ֵ֓ ןֿ֟ ֯ ֟ ָ ו֮֟ ָ ִ ֮ ֟ ִ ֮ ԙ ߲֮ 240 Ӿ ִ ֋ ָָ Ӿ ָ ֮ ׻֋ Ӭ , ָ ߲֮ 160 , ӓ ָ ָ ֓ ֵ 525 ֋ ָָ ִ֮ , ß ָָ ߴ և ߅ (3y ָ ֿ:)


.. ֯ (֟) : ß ־֮Դ ߴ և , ־ , ָ ׸ ״׮Ù ֮־֤ 2007 ֛ ֓㋿֮ , ߙ ׸ ִ և I appreciate him for taking steps immediately to bring the situation under control. They sent their people to the affected places, particularly, in Karnataka. As my colleague said, for 100 years, ֮ ׸ ֲ֤ , ԙ ԅ ׻֋ 525 immediate relief , ָָ ֮ , horticulture crops և, 1,25,000 acres of land have been flooded. ־֕ ָָ ו֮֟ , ֤ , ׸Ù ־֮Դ Whatever they have requested, -- a demand of Rs.1,225 crores had been submitted to the Government. Ù Եָ ָ օ 2006 ִ ֌ , ߲֮ 400-500 , ־֮Դ פ օ ֻ ֮ ָև ־֮Դ ֤ ׻֋ Central Government has to come forward and they have to help the people of Karnataka.


־ָ (ײָ) : ֳ֯ן , ֜ ֟ , -ָ פ ֮ ׮ ֟ , ߮ ֮ ִ ֤ , ֜ ָ ֓ ֮ 14 ָ ֓ , ֕ ױ ֮ ׮, ֟ , ֯ ֮ ֋, ֮ ָ ֋ ֕ ֮ ׮ ֋օ

, ֙ ִõ ֜ ִõ ֻ ִֻ פ ֣, ֵԾָ ֣, ן ֣ ֮ ֛ ֮ ֮ , ¯׸ִ ֮֟ ֛ ׻֋ ׻֋ ֲ֕ ֕ ֜ .... ֜ , ֌ ֮֟ ֜ ֱ ן ֤֯ , - ֛-֛ Ӭ ֮֟ , ߾ָ , ֻ ߟ ִõ ֮ ׮ ֮ ֮ ִ ? ֜ ִ ָ ӟִ֕ , ֱ ָ֟ ײ֟ פ Ӭ Ӭ , ֤ ָ ֟ , ӓ ֮ , ױ ֜ ֟ ֲ ֓֟ ׻֋ ־ֻ

, ֮֟ ָ֕ ֮ , ָ defunct ֵ 56 ָ permanently Ӥ ִ ֮ ֤ ָ ֵ ֤ ָ , ֤ ֱ 200 ߙ ָ և , ֻ ֤ ״ֻ ֋߅ ֻ ֤ ״ֻ ֤ ֻ ֋ ֻ ֮ ߅ ן ֮ ׻֋, ֮ ׻֋? , ֛ ֣ ... (3Z/SC ָ ֿ:)