The House reassembled at four of the clock,




MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: I have to inform Members that a letter has been received in respect of Shri Jana Krishnamurthy K. stating that he may not be able to attend the House due to his illness. He has, therefore, requested for grant of Leave of Absence for the current (211th) Session of the Rajya Sabha.

       Does he have the permission of the House for remaining absent from the current (211th) Session of the Rajya Sabha?

(No hon. Member dissented)

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN:  Permission to remain absent is granted.


Now,  Half-an-Hour Discussion. Dr. E.M. Sudarsana Natchiappan.


DR. V. MAITREYAN:  First, discussion on JPC, Sir.

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN:  But it is the listed item.


DR. V. MAITREYAN: The Government should come out clean on JPC.


MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: The House is adjourned till 4.15 p.m.


The House then adjourned at one minute past four of the clock.


The House reassembled at fifteen minutes past four of the clock,

MR. CHAIRMAN in the Chair.



MR. CHAIRMAN: Hon. Members, I have to inform the House that Dr. Yogendra Narain is retiring on 14th September, 2007 from the Office of Secretary-General, Rajya Sabha. Dr. Yogendra Narain joined the Indian Administrative Service in July, 1965. He worked in various capacities in the administration in the State of Uttar Pradesh and the Government of India. He had served as the Principal Secretary to the Governor, Uttar Pradesh; as Secretary, Ministry of Surface Transport, Government of India; Chief Secretary, Government of Uttar Pradesh; and Defence Secretary to the Government of India. He is also the founder-Chairman of the Greater NOIDA Industrial Development Authority and the founder-Chairman of the National Highway Authority of India. Dr. Yogendra Narain assumed the Office of Secretary-General in September, 2002 and served in this capacity for almost five years.

As Secretary-General, Dr. Yogendra Narain performed his duties with dignity, devotion and dedication and helped in the smooth functioning of the House. Dr. Narain has a thorough knowledge of Parliamentary Practices, Procedures and matters relating to law and the Constitution. Soft spoken, Dr. Narain endeared himself to one and all and has cordial relations with the Members of this House. He has accompanied several Parliamentary Delegations abroad and attended many Presiding Officers' Conferences and Conferences of Secretaries of the Legislative Bodies in India. He actively participated in the meetings of the Association of Secretaries-General of Parliaments, ASGP and the Society of Clerks-at-the-Table in Commonwealth Parliaments. He was also elected member of the Executive Committee of the Association of Secretaries-General of Parliaments. Dr. Narain is an avid sports lover. He is President of the National Wushu Association. Dr. Narain is a prolific writer. He has written a highly acclaimed book titled 'ABC of Public Relations for Civil Servants'. His collection of poems was published under the title 'Clouds and other Poems'. He has written several articles on topical issues and public administration and edited many Parliamentary publications brought out by the Rajya Sabha Secretariat.

 On behalf of the House and on my own behalf, I express appreciation for the service he has rendered and wish him good health and happiness.

       Pending the appointment of a new Secretary-General, I have asked the Additional Secretary, Rajya Sabha, Shri N.C. Joshi, to look after the work of the Secretary-General.                         (Ends)

MR. CHAIRMAN: Hon. Members, several efforts have been made to conduct the Business in this House in an orderly manner. However, despite these, there have been frequent disruptions and consequent adjournments. In these circumstances, I have no option but to adjourn the House sine die.

(The National Song, "Vande Mataram" was then played.)

MR. CHAIRMAN: The House stands adjourned sine die.


The House then adjourned sine die at twenty minutes

past four of the clock.