The House met at thirty-five minutes past twelve of the clock,

MR. CHAIRMAN in the Chair.

- - -

(The National Anthem, "Jana Gana Mana", was played.)



SECRETARY-GENERAL: Sir, I beg to lay on the Table a copy in English and Hindi of the President's Address to both the Houses of Parliament assembled together on the 23rd February, 2007.



MR. CHAIRMAN: Hon'ble Members, I refer with profound sorrow to the passing away of Shrimati Sumitra Mahajan, a sitting Member, Shri Hokishe Sema, a former Member, and, Shri Chittabrata Majumdar, a sitting Member of this House.

       Shrimati Sumitra Mahajan passed away on the 19th January, 2007, at the age of 67 years.  Born at Kajla in the Layalpur District, now in Pakistan, in August, 1940, Shrimati Mahajan was associated with various social welfare and religious organisations.  She was Vice-President of the Municipal Committee of Hisar for five years.

       Shrimati Mahajan represented the State of Haryana in this House from April, 2002 till her sad demise.   In the passing away of Shrimati Sumitra Mahajan, the country has lost a noted social worker. 

       Shri Hokishe Sema, passed away on the 31st January, 2007, at the age of 86 years.  Born at Apitokito, Akuloto in Nagaland in March, 1921, Shri Sema had his education at Serampore College, West Bengal and St. Anthony College, Shillong.  Shri Sema was one of the few nationalists who had advocated settlement of the Naga problem within the Indian Union after the outbreak of insurgency in Nagaland in 1955 and played a leading role in the surrender of their Revolutionary Group in 1973 by initiating peace dialogue with the underground rebels and succeeded in securing surrender of many of them.  He was President of the Sema Student's Conference from 1947 to 1952 and also served as President of the Nagaland Nationalist Organisation from 1974 to 1976. 

       Shri Sema was founder Member of the North-Eastern Hill University and was also a Member of the National Integration Council and Communal Harmony from 1981 to 1983.  Shri Sema was Member of the Drafting Committee of the Naga People's Conference, which paved the way for establishment of the State of Nagaland.  He was also a member of the Nagaland State Legislative Assembly Interim Body from 1961 to 1963.  Shri Sema was elected to the Nagaland State Assembly six times and remained its Member till he breathed his last.  Besides being a Cabinet Minister in the first Council of Ministers of that State, he also had the distinction to serve as Chief Minister of Nagaland.  Shri Sema served as Governor of the State of Himachal Pradesh from 1983 to 1986.  Shri Sema represented the State of Nagaland in this House from April, 1986 to May, 1987.  In the passing away of Shri Hokishe Sema, the country has lost an eminent personality, a veteran Parliamentarian and an able administrator who devoted his life for the cause of the Nagas.                                         (Contd. by sk-1b)


MR. CHAIRMAN (CONTD.):  Shri Chittabrata Majumdar passed away on the 20th February 2007, at the age of 72 years, after protracted illness.  Born in August 1935 at Dhaka, now in Bangladesh, Shri Majumdar had his education at Bangabasi College, Kolkata and Bengal Textile Institute, Serampore. 

       A political and social worker and a trade unionist, Shri Majumdar devoted his whole life to the cause of working class and poor people.  As a trade union activist, he championed the workers' cause in various sectors including jute and engineering.  Shri Majumdar wrote various articles on political, economic and organisational issues and also made valuable contribution to the Peoples' Science Movement. 

       Shri Majumdar has been the All India General Secretary of the Centre of Indian Trade Unions since 2003 and as a trade union delegate, he travelled extensively around the world.  The distinguished legislative career of Shri Majumdar commenced with his membership of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly from the year 1977 to 1982.  He also served as Minister-in-charge in the Department of Cottage and Small Scale Industries, Government of West Bengal during that period.  Shri Majumdar represented the State of West Bengal in this House from June 2004 to August 2005 and again from August 2005 till his sad demise. 

       In the passing away of Shri Chittabrata Majumdar, the country has lost an eminent trade unionist, an excellent organiser and an able Parliamentarian. 

       We deeply mourn the passing away of Shrimati Sumitra Mahajan, Shri Hokishe Sema and Shri Chittabrata Majumdar. 

       I request Members to rise in their places and observe silence as a mark of respect to the memory of the departed souls.

(Hon. Members then stood in silence for one minute)

MR. CHAIRMAN:  Secretary-General will convey to the members of the bereaved families our deep sense of sorrow and sympathy.




MR. CHAIRMAN:  Hon. Members, it is with utmost grief and sorrow that I refer to the dastardly killing of 68 persons including three Railway personnel, in the bomb blasts that took place in Train No. 4001 Delhi-Attari Link Express on the 18th February 2007, near Panipat Railway Station. 

       No words are strong enough to condemn this heinous and shameful act.  The killing of so many innocent persons has indeed shocked the conscience of the nation.  I have, however, no doubt in my mind that such cowardly acts as are targeted to harm innocent people will not deter us in our efforts to work for peace in the sub-continent.

       I am sure that this House will join me in condemning this barbaric and senseless act of terrorism. We offer our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families and also pray for the early recovery of those who got injured in these blasts.

       I request Members to rise in their places and observe silence as a mark of respect to the memory of those who lost their lives in this tragedy.

 (Hon. Members then stood in silence for one minute)

(Followed by ysr-1c)


MR. CHAIRMAN:  As a mark of respect to the memory of Shrimati Sumitra Mahajan and Shri Chittabrata Majumdar, sitting Members, the House stands adjourned till 11.00 a.m. on Monday, the 26th February 2007.


The House then adjourned at forty-five minutes

 past twelve of the clock till eleven of the clock

 on Monday, the 26th February 2007.