SHRI M. VENKAIAH NAIDU (CONTD.): On a trial, experimental, basis, you can rope in HUDCO. You can have some shopping complexes and you can earn revenue also. Through that, again, you can focus your attention on your expansion work, on conversion work. Sir, in the Eleventh Plan, resources are a big problem for the railways. If you go for an ambitious plan, and if you want to really adjust, understand and address the regional aspirations, you need a huge amount of money. We do not have that much money. And if you just want to postpone the problem for some more years, that is a different matter. So, I want that idle assets of the railways in various parts of the country be assessed; they have to be identified and they have to be disposed of wherever it is required. In other places the land which is lying vacant, which is not suitable for future expansion, which is not required for future expansion, has to be taken care of for optimum utilisation and adding to the revenue of the railways.

Sir, with regard to the reactions, he is saying that everybody is happy. Mr. Rana, former Chairman, Railway Board: "The cleanliness in railways should be taken care of. Announcements are made, but their implementation is never heard of. The status and implementation of Revenue Scheme should be available on the Internet. Security has been talked about, but its implementation is seldom seen."

Second, Mr. Ashok Bhatnagar, former Chairman, Railway Board: "If you ask me how many marks out of ten, I would give only five to this Budget." This is what the former Railway Board Chairman says! "There is no mention of railway resources. For the functioning of the Eleventh Five Year Plan, Railways is requiring a huge amount of money, around three lakh crores."

Sir, Indian Express: "Infrastructure projects have remained stuck.--I am not reading the entire thing--Construction of the Freight Corridor Project is yet to begin. As of now, only a Special Purpose Vehicle has been dedicated. And they have been asked to prepare a project report. And even the business plan is not yet ready. So are Laluji's promises, to set up rail-linked container depots, logistics, parks and modernised signalling and telecommunication system." This is what the Indian Express says.

Sir, finally: "Going by the Railway Minister's promises of 2005-06 and, again, of 2006-07, the Ajmeri Gate side --Sir, the shining example; the Members of Parliament can make a visit-- of the New Delhi Railway Station was to have a state-of-the-art building with premium passenger facilities. And so many things the Minister has, earlier, said. I am told, not even tenders are final so far. Since two years, you have been talking about it. This is the fate of the project in the National Capital of Delhi for a prestigious railway station. You can imagine what is happening in the countryside."

Hindustan Times: "Concern remains. The number of accidents rising. Crime as well as new dimension of terrorist attacks called for a quick and massive corrective action." This is, again, the public reaction from various sources. Why I am saying this is, you won't take it that the BJP-man is criticising; יև - ï׻Ù כ , ײ , ..(־֮֬)..

0 ִ ӛָ : ו ׬ָ ֯ ֟ , פݬ ׬ָ ..(־֮֬).. פݬ ׬ָ ו֮ ֯ ֟

. ֵ֛ : ָ , ׌ ָ , ׌֟ ָ , ָ ָ ֈ ..(־֮֬)..

0 ִ ӛָ : ֮֟ ה, ֮֟ , ׮, ֮֟ ־֕ ׮

. ֵ֛ : ײָ ..(־֮֬)..

ֳ֯ : ֯ ׻֋

. ֵ֛ : ֮ ׾ֵ ָ , ֮֟ ֵ ײָ , ֯ ֻ , ֻ ָ ֲ..(־֮֬)..

0 ִ ӛָ : ֮֯ ֮ ִ ָ ֯ ״ֻ?

ֳ֯ : ӛָ , ֕ ֯ ?

0 ִ ӛָ : ֮֯ ֮ ִ ..(־֮֬).. ֯ ֟և, ֯ ״ֻ?

ֳ֯ : ӛָ , ֕ ֯ ֮ әױָ ?

0 ִ ӛָ : ָ, ߸ ׻֋ ߓ օ

. ֵ֛ : ָ, ֯ ׬ָ ֤ ..(־֮֬)..

0 ִ ӛָ : և, ײֻ ߸ ֻ

. ֵ֛ : ָ ߸ ֯ ãן ֵ? ߕ̮ Ͼ ֯ ֯ ? ..(־֮֬).. ָ, ևә ־ ָ - Ù ֮ ׾ָ֓ ֌ , ָ ָ ־ ӡ ִ (2 ָ ֟)


. ֵ֛ (֟) : ֵ Ù ֣, ׻֋ ֕֙ , ָ ֮ prestige ׾ֵ , ׌ ׾ֵ ԙ ָ , ָ , Ӭ Ϥ ָ , ֻ ߮ Ù ו ׻֋ ָ֮ Ù ãן , - Ϥ , ָ֕ , ׻֋ ָ ֵ֮ , ׻֋ ֮ ֮֮ , ֻ ֕֙ , ָ ֮ , if you just want to simply go there and say, "I have nothing to address and I don't want to address any of the issues", then I can't help it. Sir, there are eleven projects of Andhra Pradesh which are pending; there are six projects of Karnataka which are pending. To a city like Bangalore, which is a prestigious city, which is almost the scientific capital of the country, there is no direct regular Rajdhani. What is the problem with this? Hubli-Mumbai train is required. It is an important connection. You have not taken note of that also. Then, with regard to conversion, I would like him to read today's "The Hindu" newspaper. The headline reads, "Slow Gauge Conversion Causing Loss to Railways". ֕ "" ֲָ ָ , ִ "" , ָ ׻֟ , ֯ ֻ , ֻ ....(־֮֬)...

ߴ֟ Ӥ ָ : ֓և ׻֟

. ֵ֛ : ׻֟ , ׻֮ , ׻֟ , , ִ ֓և , ...(־֮֬)...

ֻ ֤ : ׻֟

. ֵ֛ : , The loss is put at Rs.3,500 crores in terms of passenger and freight traffic. This is not the case with regard to this region alone. This is the case with regard to the entire country where one-fourth of the railway network even today is in metre gauge or narrow gauge, around 10,000 odd kilometres. ױ ӡ , ֤֕ - פ 53,000 kilometres of railway network օ ֲ ״ֻ ֻ 10,000 kilometres add ָ , ִ֓ ֲ ׻֋ ִ ֟ ־ֵ ־֮ , , Ù ׻֋ new railway lines, conversion from narrow gauge to broad gauge and from metre gauge to broad gauge, strengthening the railway track, improving signal systems, better equipment for security and also amenities in train. I don't know whether Laluji is travelling by the normal regular train because normally the Minister goes by saloon. ..(Interruptions)..

ֻ ֤ : .

. ֵ֛ : ִ ֮ ֯ע , ָ ֕ ãן , ָ ִ֯ӣ ״֡ ևև֮ ? ظ ִֻ ? ָ , ֳ ו, ו ֮ ׿ֵ֟ ? accountability ? ? ׾ֵ , Yesterday I was travelling from Hyderabad to Mancherial-Godavari Khani. It was too early in the morning, 6.30 or 7 o'clock. I left my house and went to the railway station at 7 o'clock. Then I asked: What is there? פ, ־ Ù preserved , ׻֋ Ӥ և, omelette ֲ almost ֕߯ և, ֕߯ ֟-֟ ָ, ӛ , ׻֋ omelette ֮ ֋ ׾ֵ , ֛ issue ӛ ״ֻ, ׻֋ ....(־֮֬).... ֮ ߓ פ օ It is a simple thing. ׻֋ ו catering is a casualty in recent days. Cleanliness is again a casualty. I have travelled by a prestigious train called "AP Express". Woh! Of course, we people from that region feel AP Express is a prestigious train. The Tamil Nadu Express is a prestigious train. The Karnataka Rajdhani is a prestigious train. But except in the first class AC and to some extent in two-tier AC, cleanliness is absent in most of the other compartments travelled by the ordinary people. So, you have to pay enough attention to this aspect and also to promptness. You make enquiries. I request the Chair and Laluji also to use somebody else's voice, not their own, and telephone to any railway station. They would seldom pick up the telephone. Even after picking up the telephone, you make enquiries about any particular train. They will give you some time. You reach the railway station. Then the train will not be there because the man who is announcing and the man who is pronouncing to you and the man who is running the train do not seem to have any connection. ֬ ә , ָ ֬ ә , ߓ ֟֟ - և ָ Ù ֮ ֵ ֕ ֿ־ӟ ֮ և פ ־ Ù֮ ָ ָ ֋ Announce Ù ֮ ״֮֙ , ֮ ״֮֙ ֻ ? - ֮ ִ , - ӳ־ , ָ Running the train with punctuality should be a prestige; it should be the priority. The Indian Railways should also aim at in having cent per cent punctuality other than the reasons which are not under their control. (Contd. by VK/2C)


SHRI M. VENKAIAH NAIDU (CONTD): Yesterday, I was going by the AP Express from Kazipet to Godavari Khani. The train stopped at two places, where there was no halt. There must be some reason for that. While going, I reached there more than 40 minutes late. But while coming, in order to compensate me, they brought me before time to Secunderabad, wherein I was made to wait outside because the driver had not come. He was to come at 7.15 and I reached there at 6.15. When I was standing there, I utilised my time to make inquiries about passenger's problems, and I wanted to update my knowledge also. This has happened yesterday. ָ֮ ֟

Sir, I am equally interested in seeing that the Indian Railways is maintained well, run well, made profits, expanded in the entire country and became number one world-class transport system in the entire world. India is moving forward. Everywhere, in every part of the world, there is demand for Indian boys and girls for technological purposes. The Railways should also think on these lines. ظ ? ״ֻ , ״ֻ ? ӛ ״ֻ , ״ֻ , ! 15 ״֮֙ ֋ ? 15 ״֮֙ ֈ ָ , These are all small issues, but at the same time, they are very important issues. It is the duty of the hon. Minister, it is the duty of the Indian Parliament to take care of people's aspirations and also the problems faced by the people from time to time. That is why we have taken this opportunity to put before the Minister and the House the thinking and feeling among the people of the country. Is the Minister ready to address these problems? Or, does he just want to simply brush it aside? If he wants to brush it aside, then people will brush him aside afterwards. That has happened to others also. If he wants to really address these issues, we are there to cooperate with him. But our cooperation depends on their operation. If their operation is not good, there will be separation. We cannot help it. (Interruptions). We are separated politically, but at the same time, as I said, we have started this process of running the Indian Railways dynamically, resource mobilisation, improving facilities, etc. Laluji, for God's sake, don't deviate from the path and see to it that the momentum is kept up and then further progress is made. The population is increasing day by day and the requirements are also increasing. If you just want to be happy with your small concessions, announcements, then it is left to you. With these words, I oppose the proposals made in the Railway Budget and request the Minister to make corrections keeping in view the larger interest of the people who are travelling by the Indian Railways. Thank you. (ENDS)

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: The House is adjourned for lunch for one hour.


The House then adjourned for lunch at

thirteen minutes past one of the clock.