The House reassembled after lunch at two of the clock,





THE VICE-CHAIRMAN (PROF. P. J. KURIEN): Mr. Joshi, please continue your speech.

SHRI SHARAD ANANTRAO JOSHI: Thank you, Mr. Vice-Chairman.

Before the lunch break, in the two minutes that I got, I submitted for the attention of the hon. President of India that the advice that he has received about the rate of growth is incomplete, and the reality is quite different. I was pointing out that even the advice about inflation is not correct in the sense that agricultural commodities have never been responsible for inflation. And, this time too, it is not the prices of agricultural commodities which are responsible for the rise in prices. What has happened is, in the spate of populism, so much money is being spent that the banks and the whole country are flushed with money and that is the reason why the prices are increasing. I would also like to submit that this psychosis caused by the rise in prices is being used to do further injustice to farmers who are already on the threshold of committing suicides. The Government has already taken steps to inform private traders in Punjab and the wheat-producing States that they should not enter the market until the FCI has had its fill.

Now, recently, the Finance Minister also announced that the Futures Market would not be available for wheat and paddy. Sir, this is a trespass on the freedom of market of farmers and I would like to advise the President that this is a matter in which his Government is taking wrong steps.

Sir, the third point on which I would like to make a submission to the President is that he has talked very specifically about the inclusive infrastructure of social and economic development.

(Contd. by 2c/tdb)


SHRI SHARAD ANANTRAO JOSHI (CONTD.): I would like to point out, Sir, that this inclusiveness is rather spurious and selective in the sense that it includes the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes communities, it also includes the minority community; it includes even the physically handicapped; it includes women; there would be separate statements in the Budget and there are separate statements even in the President's Speech; but, there is nothing like a separate statement or a chapter for the farmers. So, this selectiveness acts in such a way that those who are born into certain communities are treated as 'included group', while those who have become poor or backward by their vocation have been excluded.

Sir, a number of Members have talked about the inefficiency of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. As the Scheme started in Maharashtra, I would like to point out that this flagship of the UPA has capsized in the sense that they have not been able to spend the money, the employment offered is barely 37 days per family, and further it is having an adverse effect on the agricultural operations because those who want to work in agriculture prefer to go on the NREGP schemes where they get forty rupees for doing no work rather than go to the back-breaking work in the field where they get fifty or sixty rupees. This is spreading a kind of an immoral environment in the countryside as regards the agricultural labour.

Sir, the last and a very small thing I would like to mention is the wrong advice he has received about ...(Interruptions)...

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN (PROF. P.J. KURIEN): Please don't stand like that.

SHRI SHARAD ANANTRAO JOSHI: Sir, in paragraph 23 of the President's Address, there is a mention of the National Institute of Food Technology, Entrepreneurship and Management proposed to be set up. Now, I would like to say, Sir, that the CFTRI in Mysore does precisely the same work, and possibly, the President has not been told that there is an institute which already exists in the country to do precisely the same work. Sir, with these three-and-a-half points, I complete my humble submission to the President to take note of the situation, particularly because I said this is some kind of a mid-term vote of confidence without a roll call. Thank you very much. (Ends)

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN (PROF. P.J. KURIEN): Now, Shri Syed Azeez Pasha, not here. Shri Tarlochan Singh.

ָ֮ (׸) : ָ ָ, ֯ ֮־֤ ֯ ׾ֵ ָ ֮ ׻֋ ִֵ ָ, ™ן , ֱ ֛ ֻ֟ , ֵ֤ ֻ֟ ֲ , ִ ֮ ֛ ֵ Ù ™ן ֮ ׳ֳ ֻ 1857 --֤֕ ֻ ָ, ָ ֛ ָ֕ כ ו֮֟ Ù׸֮ , וִ . ָ ֤֣, . ָ. . ָ֤֕ . 㮤֣ , 1857 ֙ ָ ֲ ׻ ִ --֤֕ ָ, ָ֕ ֕ 200 ֻ , ֤ , וִ֮ ־ ֚- ֻ ׸֛ ..... (2D/LP ָ ֿ:)


ָ֮ : ִ , ã֋ , ו֮ ׾֤ ֕ ֛ Ԯ ߅ ׿־֕ ָ֚ ֛, ו֮ ֕ ָ™ , ׻ ֮ ֱֻ ֛ ? ָ ׿־֕ ־֟ , ֕ ? ֤֕ ׻֋ ֛ ? ָ ϟ֯ ֣֋ ָ ֟ ָ ϟ֯ ׾ָ ֳ֌ ? ִ Ù ? ֲ Ӥ ֤, ו֮ 1709 כ ֻ ָָ ֛ ֕ օ כ ֚, ֻ ֤ ָ ָ օ ? ? ׮ֻ? ִ֟ 1857 ׻֋ ֤֕ , ֯ ֳ ֳ֌ ֱֻ ֵ , ֮֟ ֟ ֲ ֛ , ݻ ֌ ָ 1845 ߅ ִ ָ ָ֟ ָ օ ־֮Ը ָ֮ ֤֮ ֛օ ӕֲ ֛և , ֱֻ ? ? ֮֮ ָ ָָ ㆢִ ֮ Ù ֻ֟ Ù׸ ֓ , ֵ֟ ֋

ֵ ֟ օ ֟ ֳ , ָ ׮ֵ ֮֟ , ֟ ־ ו֮ ֳ֌ ֵ , ? ߤ ֟ ֻ ֻ ֮פ 27 ִָ֟ , ִ ו ֳ ֈ ׮ִֻ ߤ ֟ ׻֋ ֈ ֋ ֈ , ٻִֵ ߤ ֟ ִ օ ֻ־ ֮ פ 27 ִָ֟ , ָָ ߤ ֟ ֤֕ ? ִ ו , ו֮ ָ ֤֕ ֮ ֛

™ן ָ ֟ ꌵ׸ ֲ כ ֟ ֮֟ ß֮ ֲ ֛ ֻײ ִִ ִ ן ֤ ׿ֵ׮֙ ֲ כ ևԅ ֳ ꌵ׸ ֵ ָ ꌵ׸ ꌵָ ٙ ִ֟ , ִ ꌵ׸ և׸ߕ ֟ ָ ֟ ֯ ִ֬ ֈ ָֻ  ִ֮ ֮ ָ, ֻ ֲ ָָ և ײֻ և ֻ֮ և׸ ߿֮ Ùߙֻ֮ Ù פ ֋ ֮ ϓָ ׿ֵ ֲ և׸ ߿֮ Ù ״ֻ ָ և׸ߕ ִ ֕ ֻ ֋, ײֻ ֵ? օ ֻ ָ ֵ, ָָ ָ ָ և׸ , ֻ ֤ ָָ ׾֤ և ײֻ ֮ և׸ ߿֮ Ù ֺ ֯ ָ ֟

ָ, և׸ ״׮Ù ֮ ևԅ ֛ ֮ ָָ և׸ ״׮Ù ֮ , ִ և׸ߕ ? ֵ և׸ߕ ״׮Ù , ֻ ֵ, ֲָ ֜ ״׮Ù ָ ״ֻ ֵ ױ ״ֻ ֻ ֻײ ֮ ֛ ֵ ӡ, ߱ ״׮Ù , ֮ Ù ֻ ֤ ָ פ ֻ ״׮Ù ִ ? ָ ״׮Ù և׸ߕ ֟ ֯ ׻֋ (NB/2e ָ ָ)


ָ֮ (֟) : ָ ֟ և׸ ߿֮ , և׸ ״׮Ù ָָ 4 י ֮ և׸ߕ ׻֋ ִ ߅ ֯ ֱ , և׸ ߿֮ ָ , ֵ , և׸ ֲֻ֟ ִ֟ և׸ ֲֻ֟ particular community. ָ , ָָ ָ ָ פ , ߬ particular community ִ

ֳ֯ן , և׸ ߿֮ , և׸ ״׮Ù , ָָ 4 י ֮ - ָ֓ , Ù ״ , և׸ ֮ , HRD ״׮Ù ߓ ֮ և׸ߕ פ ֋, ָ 4 י ֮ ߿֮ ֮ ֮ ߲ ֻ ֋ Ӆ ָ֓ ׸ և י ׸ ֮ ֕ ֟ ִ և ָָ escapism believe ? . ֻ ׸ 1983 և , ו֮ ָ ֵ֟ և׸ߕ ָ ֻ ? ׸ ָ ꌿ֮ ׸ ֛ , ִ ֵ ׸ ָָ ִ ֺ ָ ֲ ֛ և׸ ׮֙ ֮ ָ ֻ ֯ ֮- ߔ ֵ ִ , ׻֋ steps ׻֋, community divide ־֮ , secularism ִ ָ ֜ ֛ ֮ ָ֓ ׻ , ֮ compare ָ ָ և׸ ֌ ֻ ֻ֟ , ֻ ß֮ ? ָ , ֻ֤, ָ ֟ ? ֲֻ֟ , , ָָ ֟ ߔ ֋ , ß֮ born ָ כÙ ָ ֮֯ 5 ָ ׸ ׮֙ 85 ָ , , 1940 ֟ , ָ economic pattern , ִ և׸ ֻ , ֮ ߔ , כÙ ו֮֟ , ֲ և׸ I never saw any Islamic school in my district. ֻ , ֮ , ֮ backwardness , ָ ֮ ? ֕ , ֻ ָ HRD ״׮Ù ؙ , וִ ֵ , - ûִ ֋ ֲ֮ ֯ , ֮ ׯ֋ ? ָָ ו֮֟ ûִ ߛ , ו֮֟ ׸ֵ֛ ֕ ױ , ֲ ֮֋ ֮ ׮֙ ֋ ֟ , ֯ ֜ ֟, drop out ? ִ ׻֋ ָ , ֻ ill-literate

״ֻ ß֮ ֋ , ֛ ֋ , ָ ֲ ֵ ߮ ֻ Ӥ ֮ Ӿ ָ ֛ ֋ aid ״ֻ, פ? - ß֮ ֋, ֮ Ӿ ָ ֛ ? ֮֯ ׸֮̾ , ָ ׻֋ ? entrepreneurship , ֮ ֮ ױָ , encourage , ֵ֕ ָ פ ֯ ֮ , ֮ ֯ ߔ ֟ ׻֋ ֵ֙ ָ כߕ֮ situation create , ו consequences פ ֮֟ ֛ ֺ ִ , ײ֙ ִ פֆ, ֤ ֟ֆ ֮ ִ , UPA ָָ և׸ ִ ָ ֕ , actually , , ֱ û֮ ֮֮ ֮ 2F/AKG ָ ֿ:


ָ֮ (֟) : ָ, ֤ -߮ ֟ ׸ ִ ָ ׸ ֲֻ֟ ֲ actual practice , ꌿ֮ ꌿ֮ ִ ִ ָ ׻֋ ban ׿ֿ ٴ , ban ֋ ӕֲ ꌿ֮ , ו ײ֙ ֲ ߅ , ֛ ֮ ֟ ו ֻ , ֻ ֙, ֮ ָ ֮ פ פ - unity , ߟ ֙, ػ ֙ , ٴ ֙ ֮ և ִ ִ ָ ϓָ ӕֲ , ָָ ִִ ։ ו֮֟ ָ , ֵָ Ӆ ٴ - ֓ ִ օ written ־ ׻ֵ ֵ, ־ ׮ֻ ֵ ָ ׸, ָ ׸ ִ ָ ִ ִ֟ ꌿ֮ ָ ֯ ٴ ֟ , ױ ׸ ֵօ ױ ֯ ִ֤

֕߾ ㌻ : ߕ ߮ ߙ ׻֋ ֓ օ

ָ֮ : ꌿ֮ , ֻ ֙ ߕ ִ ִ ׻ֵօ ׸ ָ ֵָ ֋ ָ ٙ ӕײֵ֟ development ִ ָ ꌿ֮ ֛ ֙ ֱ ִ ִ ָ ꌿ֮ ֛߅ , ֟ believe օ և ״׮Ù, և ״׮Ù פ-֟ ϓָ , ֮ ״ֻ ִ ִ ָ ϓָ ֲ ߅ ... (־֮֬) ... ֯ ֟ , ֓և , ֯ ִ֮ ֣ פ֮ џ , ֙ , ָ

ָ, ָ ֟ ֲ ™ׯ֟ ֟ Ӭ ֟ ׸ ָ ԅ ֛ ߅ ָ ֟ Ӭ ֣ ָ օ ֛ ֮ misuse ֟ ִ ׸ ֛ ֙ , ו ו ײ֮ ֵօ

ָ, ֟ ָ ։ raise , օ ײ پ ߿ ֮֟ , constitutional provision Ù ֮֟ , ֮֟ ׸ Ù ֻ֟ ײ پ ߿֮ , ָ ִ ߮ ׻ֵ ֵօ ֲ ׸ ָָ և , ֮ ײ پ ߿֮ Ӥ ָ ִ withdraw ׻ֵօ ָ ָ ָ Ù ֻ, ױ ֛ constitutional amendment ֲ ָָ ֤, ו֮֟ ߿ , constitutional ָ , ָ ֮ ֯ resign ֛ ֻ ߿֮ , ܾ֮ , ָָ ָ י ִ

ָ, ֟ , ֤ և օ ߇Ԇָ ָ ֺ ׯ֔ 60 ֻ ֟ ִ և ֲ ָָ ֤, education policy change ָ ֟ change of text books ֟ ֟ . ֕ ִ ֵ ָ decision և education policy syllabus ָ ֲ ָָ ֋, ָ ֵ ִ ֲ ׯ֔ ָָ , ֲ Ù change ׻ֵօ פ ־ ֲ և ׻֋ ׿ֵ֟ , ׻ֵօ ִ֟ , once for all, decision ָ Ù , ָ education syllabus Ù , ָ ׮ֵ ָ֕ ֱֻ ָ֕ ָ ֤ ָ ֲ ֙ ָ֕ ֙ ֵօ ױ ֲ ֤ , ֲ ֜օ ִ provocative ߕ ֻ֟ ָָ approve ָ syllabus Ù , ִ ֟ ִ ϓָ , ֲ ִ ָ knowledge ׸ ִ ָ basic education ֟ ûִ , ֟ ׿ֵ׮֙ , ֯ education ָ , ׸ ײ֛ Basic education every student of India should be aware ѓ ֛ ִ , education (2 ָ ֿ)


ָ֮ (֟) : ָ, ָ rich heritage ו ָ ׮ֵ ß֮ פ, ָ education ִ֟ ָ ֋, ִ After all ָ ӓ ָ ֻ כ ׮ ֯ ׮ Ӆ rich heritage ִֵ ֮ ֮

, ֤ , ֯ ֮־֤

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN (PROF. P.J. KURIEN): I was not giving you any signal. I was appreciating your points.

ָ֮ : ָ, ֕ ֲ ֛ ֺ ֻ , inter-faith ֻ ֤ ֻ֮ ә֮ ֈֻ ؙ ԅ և ״׮Ù , ײָ֕ ֕֯ ֋ ָ ߛ ֋, ָ פ ؙ ֻ ו ״׮Ù conduct ױ ֲ ָ ֻ ֋ ָ, ־ֻ ָ inter-faith disputes , solve ? ֕ ֟ , և inter-faith meetings permanent solution ָ ֮֋ decision disputes , shelter 20-20 ֻ ָ ֟߅ inter-faith ֋

ָ ֲ ֛ ִ ֮ ֮֯ ׻֋ ֙ ֮ ָ ӕֵ Ӭ ֲ ִ , ֟ ֋ ֕ כ ו֮֟ ֮ , ? ֮ ֮֯ ָ ָ ֮ ߿֮ ֮֮ ֵօ ֟ achievement ֟֋Ӆ ׻֋ ׻י ߛ , ָ ֻ ? ֯ և ״ֻ , և ߸ ֮ ֵ , ߸ ֮ ָ 28-29 ָ ׻֋ ֟ ָ, ֛ ߴָ כ ִ֮ ֲ ָ ֮ , ָ ֮, Ù ߴ ֮֟ ׻֋ ֲִֵ ߅

և ָ ו ֵօ ָ ӡ wheat producing areas, rice producing Ù ֮ ֟ ָ, և separate issue , ָ ֮ separate issue mix confuse ֕ ָ ִԸ ֺ և ֣ ׻֋ incentive ״ֻ֮ ָ, ֕ ִ߮ , ִ߮ capacity to grow former Agriculture Secretary of India, 0 00 ֻ ָ ָ ו֮ ָ ֲ ֤ knowledge ָ, land optimum use ֮ ֜, ׻֋ farmer icentive ֺ ָ, և ׻֋ ָָ ׻ ֟ ֜ ֮ ֵօ ־ֻ ߴָ , ? inflation - words ָ , ִ ֤ ֻ- ָ, ֕ ֻ- ו ָ ֵ , ֙ 14 ֋ ֵ 70-80 ֋ ֵ ָָ "ֻ ֋, ֻ ֋օ" ָ, ֟ ֺ ־ֻ ֙ , և ֋, ׻֋ ֳ ٙ ״ֻ joint efforts ָ, ׸־ ִԸ ־֮Ը ָ ׻י ֙ ߛ , ָ ߔ , ״֮ independent , ָ ָ ֟ because of their excellence in their profession ָ ִ֮ special lectures ֟֋ ֵ֤ ֵ֤ օ ָ, others others ָ ֟ , ֕ ֯ ֮ ֮ և ״ֻ, ֯ (ִ֯)

(2 /ߋ־ ָ )


ִ ֵָ : ָ, ֟ ִ֣Ԯ ...(־֮֬)...

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN (PROF. P.J. KURIEN): Now, Mr. N. Jothi. ..(Interruptions).. ֯ ך ...(־֮֬)... ך, ך ...(־֮֬)...

ִ ֵָ : *

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN: This is without my permission. ..(Interruptions).. Mr. Jothi will start the speech. ..(Interruptions).. I have not given you permission. ..(Interruptions).. If you want, I will give you time later. ..(Interruptions).. Once I have called Mr. Jothi, you cannot speak. ..(Interruptions).. I will give you time later. ..(Interruptions).. ֯ ך ...(־֮֬)... Nothing will go on record. ..(Interruptions)..

ִ ֵָ : *

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN: You cannot speak without my permission.


* Not recorded.

..(Interruptions).. Mr. Jothi, please stand up to speak. ..(Interruptions).. Mr. Sahu, please stop it. ..(Interruptions).. Nothing will go on record. ..(Interruptions).. Mr. Sahu, please take your seat. ..(Interruptions).. This is indiscipline. ..(Interruptions).. You are a senior Member; don't do that. ..(Interruptions).. ֯ և ״ֻօ ָ ֯ և , , without my permission, you cannot speak. ֯ ך...(־֮֬)... Nothing will go on record. ..(Interruptions).. You don't say anything, please. ..(Interruptions).. ֯ ך ...(־֮֬)... indiscipline ? ...(־֮֬)... ֮ ׮ֵָ ֤ ײ ? ...(־֮֬)...

֯ ׮ֵָ , ײ ...(־֮֬)... ֯ ך ...(־֮֬)... ֯ ך ...(־֮֬)... ך, ך ...(־֮֬).. Nothing will go on record except Mr. Jothi.

SHRI N. JOTHI (TAMIL NADU): Mr. Vice-Chairman, Sir, thank you very much for allowing me to speak.

Sir, I would like to touch upon two subjects only. One is about inflation, and the other is about criminal system that is prevailing in our country, the judicial system. Sir, as far as inflation is concerned, it is well proved by the election results and nobody needs to further say anything about that. It is an accepted fact by the Treasury Benches that they lost in two States because of inflation. Sir, we hear, right from the time the UPA Government was formed, certain words like economic buoyancy, jumping, forex, sensex, FDI, GDP etc. These are all catchwords that we hear. But I am reminded of Shrimati Indira Gandhi's period and Shri Rajiv Gandhi's period where the slogan was garibi hatao, not forex or economic buoyancy.

SHRI R. SHUNMUGASUNDARAM: At that time, he was in the Congress. ..(Interruptions)..

SHRI N. JOTHI: Sir, I want to say certain things. This is an august House, and I am on my legs. Certain words spoken by my political opponents can be removed. It is like casting aspersions on me. I pray that they should be removed. I will leave it to your good sense, but I pray that they should be removed. This is a systematic, calculated campaign against me. This is all political gambling they are doing. ..(Interruptions)..

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN (PROF. P.J. KURIEN): Do you think that it an aspersion? (Interruptions)..

SHRI N. JOTHI: My father is a district president of the party. Then, where is the question of myself being ..(Interruptions)..

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN : Do you want to say that this is not a correct statement? ..(Interruptions).. You can say that.

SHRI N. JOTHI: Yes. It should kindly be removed. ..(Interruptions).. I deny it. ..(Interruptions)..

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN: That is okay. ..(Interruptions)..

SHRI N. JOTHI: I will commit suicide rather than joining the Congress Party. ..(Interruptions)..

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN: That is his view. ..(Interruptions)..

SHRI N. JOTHI: That is my view. ..(Interruptions)..

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN: That is his view. ֯ ך ...(־֮֬)... He has a right to express his view. ..(Interruptions)..

SHRI N. JOTHI: Sir, I should be allowed to speak. ..(Interruptions)..

SHRI B.S. GNANADESIKAN: Sir, he should have committed suicide long back. ..(Interruptions)..

THE VICE CHAIRMAN: Mr. Jothi, please continue. ..(Interruptions).. Don't get distracted.

SHRI N. JOTHI: This is a systemic campaign that they are having. Whenever I rise to speak,..(Interruptions)..

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN: Please don't disturb him. ..(Interruptions)..

SHRI N. JOTHI: Please remember the olden days. ..(Interruptions)..

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN: You address the Chair. ..(Interruptions)..

SHRI N.JOTHI: You are old enough to remember that. Garibi hatao, you said so; I don't understand it. It is too new a Hindi term to understand. Bikhari means poor person. Bikhari is a description of the Hindi term 'poorest man.' ..(Interruptions).. (Contd. By PK/2J)


SHRI N. JOTHI (CONTD.): It is 'bhikhari' not 'Bihari'...(Interruptions).. 'Bhikhari' means the poorest of the poor, beggar; then, daridri. Instead of economic buoyancy, forex, sensex, I will be happy if our Finance Minister or the UPA Treasury Benches speak about these words, 'Garibi and bhikhari' and 'garibi hatao'. Let them think about that. Unless they think about that, they are in store for many defeats. The country will also be all right in future. Sir, think about inflation. What steps have they taken to arrest it? Earlier, what was the price of 5 kg of wheat? It was Rs.50/-. Now, what is the price? It is Rs.85 to Rs.90. Earlier, the price of one kg of Edible oil was Rs.60 to Rs. 70/-; now, it is Rs.102 to Rs.110. Earlier, the price of dal per kg was Rs.30 -35/-, now it is Rs.70 -Rs.75/-. Like that, earlier, the standard price of vegetables was quoted as per kg. Now, nobody tells about one kg rate; they tell about quarter kg rate. Their only index is quarter kg. So, this is the position, Sir. But these people live in Five Star hotels, Seven-Star hotels, they visit foreign countries, talk about aircrafts, talk about improvements or modernisation of the airports. Without knowing what is happening in this country, they are talking like this. Sir, there was a joke/cartoon in a Tamil Magazine: "Instead of diamond necklace, a woman, nowadays, wants to have carrot necklace." This is because, nowadays, the price of carrot is more than the price of diamond. This is the cartoon which appeared in the magazine. This is how it is happening. Instead of banks being safeguarded by AK-47...(Interruptions)..

SHRI S.S. AHLUWALIA: Diamonds are sold per carat; that is why, they are...(Interruptions)..

SHRI N. JOTHI: Maybe. Instead of safeguarding banks' safe vaults by AK-47, grocery shops and vegetable shops should be safeguarded by AK-47. This is the situation, Sir. This is the level of price inflation. And, what are the steps you have taken? What are the steps you have taken? You have not understood the problem. You have not addressed the problem correctly.

SHRI V. NARAYANASAMY: Sir...(Interruptions)..

SHRI N. JOTHI: He is Whip of the Party, behaving like this..(Interruptions).. This is the true behaviour of the Treasury Benches...(Interruptions)..That is the fate of the party, and now, fate of the country...(Interruptions).. The UPA Government in the Address gives a new theory on why there is price rise. People have become rich. They are buying more; so commodities available are less, that is why there is a price rise. If you are in darkness, please remain there itself, but, don't bring this country into darkness. What is the issue you are talking about? They say that people's purchasing capacity has increased in multitudes. So, they are buying more, and, since they are buying more, less commodities are available; that is why, there is price rise. We are laughing here, but think about the people who don't have energy to laugh, or, walk about. We must think about poorest of the poor people and not about rich people. Your policy should be guided by poor people, not like this. A very unfortunate situation is now prevailing in this country. There is no check on appreciating inflation. Recently, especially in Tamil Nadu, traders were agitating on one issue, that is, online trade. Online trade is now on the increase. Because of online trade, prices are going up. So many agitations have also been taken up on that, but, nobody is paying any heed to that. The Government seems not to be understanding about that at all. The President in the Address clearly says people have become richer, buying more; that is why, prices have gone up. Online trade is nothing but a gamble. Why are you permitting that gamble? (Contd. by 2K/PB)


SHRI N. JOTHI (CONTD.): What is the reason behind it? Who are the people who are doing it? That should be addressed. But, unfortunately, our President's Address does not indicate anything about online trading.

Sir, if a man becomes a little thick or a little weighty, it is all right. But if he becomes a bhootam or very big, it means there is something wrong. It means, he is suffering from some disease. In the same way, if you say that there is price rise because of the richness, it means there is something wrong in your economic theory. The forward economists, the global economists, the Reserve Bank economists, all three put together, are now running this Government. All great economists are running this Government. Sir, these economists' running this Government has led to a situation where a common man can't buy vegetables. That is the achievement of the great global economists, the Reserve Bank economists and the Harvard University economists. All these three put together has brought the country to this level. Thank God, only three economists are running this country. Had this figure gone further to four or five, even water would not have been available for drinking. This is the way in which these real economists are running this country. ...(Interruptions)...

Sir, they have no patience ...(Interruptions)... They have no patience because ... ...(Interruptions)...

SHRI V. NARAYANASAMY: He is repeating the same thing. ...(Interruptions)...

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN (PROF. P.J. KURIEN): You please continue. I will protect you. You please continue. ...(Interruptions)... Mr. Narayanasamy, you please listen to him and then reply. ...(Interruptions)... First you listen properly and then reply. ...(Interruptions)... Mr. Jothi, please continue.

SHRI N. JOTHI: A person who can't think further or a person who can't control himself, a person who can't think good will get frustrated. ...(Interruptions)...Only those people will get frustrated. This is the frustration, anger. ...(Interruptions)... Yes.

Now, Sir, I would come to another subject because my time is very less. The other subject is related to judicial aspect. It is dealt with either in paragraph 44 or 45. There is status quo. Sir, the other day, Mr. Raashid Bhai, who seconded the Motion, had also mentioned that the number of cases is on the increase. Yes; the cases are on the increase. The courts are not in a position to tackle them. I agree with it. But the cases are increasing for whom? It is for the poor opposition people. There are many ferocious organisations controlled by the Government like the Income-Tax Department. If I do not like an opponent man, let loose that ferocious organisation. It will raid you. These organisations are raiding only the houses of the people of opposition, the houses of the opposition people and not the ruling party people. Let us see the statistics. Let us see the data as to against whom it is done. ...(Interruptions)...

SHRI SANTOSH BAGRODIA: Who are these opposition business people? Are they identified? ...(Interruptions)...

SHRI N. JOTHI: Mr. Bagrodia, you are a very senior Member. You know to whom I am referring.

SHRI SANTOSH BAGRODIA: I do not know. Please mention.

SHRI N. JOTHI: I will tell you in the lobby. ...(Interruptions)...

SHRI V. NARAYANASAMY: If you are not able to say, then do not mention it. ...(Interruptions)...

SHRI N. JOTHI: Now, Sir, since they are asking, I am telling. The income-tax raids are conducted regularly against opposition people like Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Notices are being issued. And against Ramoji Rao. ...(Interruptions)...

SHRI RAVULA CHANDRA SEKAR REDDY: It is political victimisation. ...(Interruptions)...

SHRI V. NARAYANASAMY: Sir, can anybody imagine ...(Interruptions)... the former Chief Minister said that she forget to file her income tax return because ...(Interruptions)...

SHRI SANTOSH BAGRODIA: The law will take its own course. ...(Interruptions)...

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN: Mr. Narayanasamy, you can reply. ...(Interruptions)... Mr. Jothi, you please continue. ...(Interruptions)... Please do not interfere. You can reply later.

SHRI N. JOTHI: I am not saying that the opposition people are above law. But this law is focussed only against them. The law is used against the opposition people.

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN: You are mentioning your point of view. You please continue. You cannot say their point of view. How can you say that?

SHRI N. JOTHI: I have not come across any Congressmen facing any CBI cases. I am saying, it is a shame on that Department. It is a shame on that organisation. The CBI, of course, conducts inquiry and gives the report to you. The CBI is filing cases against the Opposition leaders only. (Contd. by 2l/SKC)


SHRI N. JOTHI (CONTD.): If the Opposition leaders join the UPA, cases against them would be dropped.

SHRI V. NARAYANASAMY: The CBI takes up cases on the directions of the Supreme Court and on the directions of the High Court. He is levelling charges against the Supreme Court and the High Court....(interruptions)... He is casting aspersions on the Supreme Court and High Court.

SHRI N. JOTHI: My friend does not know...(interruptions)...

SHRI V. NARAYANASAMY: Sir, he is a lawyer by profession and he is charging the Supreme Court and the High Court. ...(interruptions)...

SHRI SANTOSH BAGRODIA: Sir, will you allow the name of CBI to be ...(interruptions)...Will you allow this thing to go on record? Is it parliamentary to talk about the CBI in a derogatory manner?

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN (PROF. P.J. KURIEN): He is not mentioning any officer..(interruptions)...

SHRI V. NARAYANASAMY: Sir, he is talking about an institution...(interruptions).. It is an autonomous and premier institution. (Interruptions)

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN: Please. He did not say anything against the Supreme Court...(interruptions)...

SHRI V. NARAYANASAMY: Sir, the CBI is functioning as per the directives of the Supreme Court. (Interruptions)

SHRIMATI S.G. INDIRA: Sir, he is making his point, let him speak...(interruptions)...He is always creating disturbances and not allowing Mr. Jothi to speak...(interruptions)..

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN: No, no. I will control him; why do you do that? I shall control him. You please take your seat.

SHRI N. JOTHI: The CBI is registering cases on its own, just like a police station, and setting the law in motion. My friend, Mr. Narayanasamy, had studied Law long ago, for the sake of attaining a Degree and has probably forgotten it. Anyway, the CBI is another organization that has been set behind the Opposition. (Interruptions)

SHRI V. NARAYANASAMY: It is not just against any person,... (Interruptions)

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN: Please, come to the point. Your time will be over soon.

SHRI N. JOTHI: There are other laws like FERA and FEMA; kindly have a look at how they are functioning. Who would respect these organizations? These organizations are the arsenal, the weapons in the hands of the ruling party to set right the Opposition parties. If the opposition parties join with them, the cases against them would be camouflaged; they won't move further; somehow or the other, the cases would lose steam in some lower court; no appeal or revision would be made. If a man stands in opposition, against you, he would be attacked with all kinds of bows and arrows! This is the level of this Government. What kind of probity has this Government got to stay and proceed further?

Sir, I oppose the way of functioning of this Government. It has no probity; it has no loyalty to the public. It has not got any validity to go any further or run this Government at all. They should quit; they should go. They would not go on their own, but the people would make them go very shortly. The day is not very far. My only request is, my Left friends should rise to the occasion and save the nation. I appeal to them with folded hands, this is the time to think of this country, India, and kindly withdraw your support so that this Government falls and the public has smiles on their faces.


MS. MABEL REBELLO (JHARKHAND): Thank you, Sir. I rise to support the Motion.

After listening to my brother, Mr. Jothi, I feel that he is sarcastic and frustrated. His attitude is one of total frustration. They are out of power for the last so many years and, this time he thought that his leader was coming back to power, but she lost. Now, Mr. Jothi has got no power either in Tamil Nadu or here! So, what can he do? He is totally frustrated. He has to take out his frustration and anger somewhere and that is why he is speaking in this way. ...(Interruptions).. When he attended the Standing Committee meeting at Chennai, he said, 'I would not accept the hospitality of the State Government; we go as Members of Parliament'. And he goes out and talks to the Press. He wants to be in the news all the time. That is why, he talks like this. I feel sorry for my elder brother. ..(interruptions)...

SHRI R. SHUNMUGASUNDARAM: Do you mean to say that he does not understand these things?

SHRI N. JOTHI: Are we discussing the President's Address or Jothi's?

MS. MABEL REBELLO: Mr. Jothi, please listen to me.

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN: It is the International Women's Day. Please listen to her carefully!

MS. MABEL REBELLO: Sir, the hon. President, in his Address, has said that there is an annual growth of nine per cent during the Eleventh Five Year Plan. (Contd. by 2m)


MS. MABEL REBELLO (CONTD.): But he has also stated that the economic growth is not an end itself. Economic growth is a means and he says that economic growth is meant to create more jobs, distribute the income more equitably across social groups and regions, and liberate the poorest of the poor from the scourge of poverty, ignorance and disease. Sir, this is the sum and substance of the President's Speech. I don't know whether my brother Jothi has really gone into his Speech. He might have read it cursively. But I don't know whether he has done any in-depth study of his Speech. ..(Interruptions).. This one paragraph speaks volumes. Sir, India is a country where we are almost 110 crores. India is a very rich country; it is not a poor country. Mr. Jothi has depicted as if we are a third world country. It is not so. It is a very rich country. We are endowed with rich natural resources with different climatic conditions. For 365 days, we get sunlight and we have vast coastlines. Besides that, we have got rich human resource with very intelligent, ambitious and courageous people working hard. Sir, you just look at the world. Mr. Laxmi Mittal has become the steel king of the world. Similarly, Mr. Anil Agarwal, who is in London and is an Indian, has become a non-ferrous metal king of the world. They have made us proud. We are proud of them. A lot of business houses of ours are now buying businesses all over the world. Yesterday only, Tata Steel has bought Corus and they have got all support from shareholders there. ..(Interruptions).. I request Mr. Jothi to listen to me. But I do realise that India is rich, but there are lot of Indians who are poor. All of us are aware and lot of people say that 80 per cent of the wealth of India is in the hands of 20 per cent Indians and 20 per cent Indians have 80 per cent of wealth. Similarly, there is a theory that 3 per cent Indians own 60 per cent of India's wealth and 60 per cent of Indians have 3 per cent of India's wealth. I don't know if these figures are true. At least, the first figures are tolerable, but I don't know whether second figure is true. It is really bad. It is not just UPA is responsible for this. All of us are responsible for this because sometimes or other all of us had been in power. Jothi's party was in power in Tamil Nadu for ages. How is that there are so many poor in Tamil Nadu who go to Kerala and do domestic work there? How is that so many Tamilians have been settled in Bangalore, as my brother Shri Hariprasad mentioned yesterday? ..(Interruptions).. Why couldn't you empower them -- socially, economically and politically? Why couldn't you do it? So, somewhere all of us have failed. Not only the UPA, but you also are responsible. Why don't you realise that? Sir, what we need is to bring up people from the morose of poverty. How do we do that? First of all, good education, skill development and employment to our people are necessary. Somebody was saying a few days ago here, Sir, that 50 per cent of India's wealth is in the hands of one community. I don't know whether this statement was made to me by hon. Member of Parliament, but it was told to me. I don't know what he is stating is true or not, or whether he has done some research, and after doing some research he has come to this conclusion. This is what is happening. I hope this is not true. Successive Governments have spent multi crores to bring people above poverty line. But what has happened? The benefits have not reached. I agree that the benefits are not reached to the poorest of the poor. Somewhere down the line, our late Prime Minister, Shri Rajiv Gandhi, admitted that if I send one rupee from Delhi for some district of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh or West Bengal, only fifteen paise reach into the hands of the poor. (Contd. by 2n/KSK)


MS. MABEL REBELLO (CONTD): This is what is happening. There are many roadblocks, pilferages and slippages. This is where we have to apply our mind; we have to stop it so that the entire money, that is allocated, goes to the cause it is meant for; it is meant for the people. This is not happening. This is a sad thing. Today, Sir, in India, there are almost 70 crore young people below the age of 35 years. This is our fortune; this is our wealth. They are the wealth of the nation. If we can give nutritious food to these people during the formative years and also give them scholarships and stipend so that they can have access to best of the education, then these people can become asset for our country. This is what we need and this is where we have failed.

SHRI N. JOTHI: What is your programme for that?

MS. MABEL REBELLO: I am coming to that. Sir, the programme of Bharat Nirman is a laudable scheme. In some States, it has produced desired results like Mr. Jothi's State, his own State - Tamil Nadu. It is doing quite well. Then, Sir, your State, Kerala, has done well. Kerala has got roads. Urban and rural divide has been bridged in Kerala. People in Kerala are educated and most of them are middle class people. But, Sir, maximum poverty exists in the State from which I come. Fifty-four per cent of the people in Jharkhand, from where I come, are below poverty line as per the Government records. Sir, that is Government record. But, if you ask me, I would say that around 70 per cent people are below poverty line in my State. The project implementation is very poor. Under the Pradhan Mantri Grameen Sadak Yojana, Rs.600 crore, which is due to Jharkhand, is lying here. There is some fault somewhere. The implementing agencies of the State are not able to give even utility certificates and take money from here. Ever since the Jharkhand was formed, for six years, their Government was in power and they could not take the money to implement the development programmes. Money is available, but they could not take the money. Because of their wrong policies, they were not able to implement it and they were not able to produce utility certificates. So, we can imagine who suffers most from this - the poorest of the poor, the tribal people, the person in rural areas for whom this money is meant, and if these roads would have been constructed with the money that is available to them, which is their due, they would have, by now, improved their quality of life. But, they have failed. Their Government was in power. Similarly, literacy rate in Jharkhand is abysmally poor. The school dropout is 72 per cent. So, one can imagine what happens. Female literacy rate is only 34 per cent. Malnutrition is highest in Jharkhand. Regarding Antyadoya and Mid-day Meal Scheme, I would like to say that hardly 15 per cent of the children get mid-day meal. It has not still been universalised. Most of the tribals, who live in inaccessible areas, do not get benefits of Anganwadi centres at all because it is not physically possible for them to come daily 20 kilometres down to anganwadi centres. Some arrangement has to be made like dry ration can be given to them so that once a fortnight or once a month, they can come and can avail themselves of this scheme. In this way, they will not be deprived of this benefit. Similarly, Jharkhand is one other State where Panchayat elections are never held. There is some problem. Cases are in the Supreme Court. We have not been able to settle it. Because of this problem, this State is deprived of Rs. 350 crores per annum which is due to it. The poorest of the poor people are deprived of this money. Similarly, what is happening? Maximum districts of Jharkhand -- 20 out of 22 districts -- are badly naxalite affected and today I can tell you that almost in every house, either a boy or a girl, joins naxalite movement.

(continued by 2o - gsp)