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The House met at two of the clock






THE MINISTER OF SHIPPING, ROAD TRANSPORT & HIGHWAYS (SHRI T.R. BAALU): Sir, I beg to move for leave to introduce a Bill further to amend the Seamen's Provident Fund Act, 1966. (Interruptions)

The question was put and the motion was adopted.

SHRI T.R. BAALU: Sir, I introduce the Bill. (Interruptions)


SHRI TAPAN KUMAR SEN: Sir, I oppose the Bill. (Interruptions)

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Please, please...(Interruptions)... Statement by Minister.




THE MINISTER OF STATE IN THE PRIME MINISTER'S OFFICE (SHRI PRITHVIRAJ CHAVAN): Sir, I am happy to inform this august House about the launch of India's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, PSLV-C8 on Monday, April 23, 2007 from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota. This mission launched the AGILE satellite of the Italian Space Agency and an Advanced Avionics Module (AAM) of ISRO. (Interruptions)

ֳ֯ן: ׮֋ ..(־֮֬) ߋ֋־ ѓ , ֯ ̸ ׮֋ ..(־֮֬)

SHRI PRITHVIRAJ CHAVAN: This is the first time that a PSLV Mission has carried and placed in orbit a commercial primary satellite belonging to an international party. Along with the Italian satellite, the PSLV-C8 also carried the AAM module consisting of next generation avionic packages. The current PSLV-C8 without the use of six solid strap on motors, is the first flight of the PSLV with such a configuration and has been developed so as to provide for lower satellite launch mass requirements, in a cost effective manner. (Interruptions)

ֳ֯ן: ߋ֋־ ѓ ָ Ùә , ߕ ֯ ׮֋ ..(־֮֬) ߋ֋־ ѓ ָ ״׮Ù Ù , ֯ ׮֋ ...(־֮֬)

SHRI PRITHVIRAJ CHAVAN: PSLV has emerged as the workhorse launch vehicle of ISRO with ten consecutively successful flights so far. This PSLV-C8 mission has demonstrated its reliability and versatility to launch satellites in various types of orbits as well as to carry out multiple satellite missions. (Interruptions)

ֳ֯ן: և, ߋ֋־ ѓ ָ ״׮Ù Ù ֜ ...(־֮֬) ֯ ׮֋ ...(־֮֬)

SHRI PRITHVIRAJ CHAVAN: I am sure this House will join me in congratulating the entire ISRO team involved in the realization and management of this mission. (Interruptions) (Ends)

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Now, Leader of Opposition. (Interruptions)

֤ߵ ֵ ӡֵֻ ֕ ӡ ( ֓): , ֯ ִ֬ ֤ ֮ ֟ PSLV-C8 ֌ֱ ѓ , Ù ֣-֣ ָ ׮ ֬և ֣ ֣ ׮ ֬և ...(־֮֬)

ֳ֯ן: ֺ-ֺ, we congratulate all the scientists. (Interruptions)

SHRIMATI BRINDA KARAT: Sir, please ask the Home Minister to give a reply. (Interruptions)

ֳ֯ן: ֯ ׾ֵ ׻ֵ ֋, one-by-one ֳ opportunity ״ֻ ..(־֮֬) Everybody will have an opportunity. Leader of the Opposition ֵ ...(־֮֬)

ߴ֟ ִ þָ֕: ָ, Leader of the Opposition ֛ ...(־֮֬)

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Leader of the Opposition...(Interruptions)... This subject will be taken up. ..(Interruptions) Please speak one by one. ..(Interruptions)

׿֤ : ָ, ָ֟ ָ כ֮ ...(־֮֬)

ֳ֯ן: ֋, ߕ ...(־֮֬) ֋, ֛ ֵ ..(־֮֬) Mr. Madhu, please ׮֋ ..(־֮֬) ߕ, ̸ ׮֋ ...(־֮֬) Today, we will allow everybody. In the Zero Hour, all the issues will be taken up one by one. (Interruptions) You will be given an opportunity. (Interruptions) Why are you worried? You will be given an opportunity. (Interruptions). You will be given an opportunity. (Interruptions) I have called the Leader of the Opposition. (Interruptions) I will give you an opportunity. (Interruptions)

..׻ֵ: ָ, ֯ և ... (־֮֬)

ֳ֯ן: ֯ ֤ և פ ֋ ..(־֮֬) That subject is there; I will take it up. (Interruptions) I will take up your issue also. This will be taken up. Then, what is your problem? Your issue will also be taken up. We will have to call somebody. (Interruptions) He is the Leader of Opposition. ...(Interruptions)...He is the Leader of the Opposition. He gets the priority. (Interruptions) You are not interested in....(Interruptions).. The House is adjourned to meet tomorrow at 11.00 a.m.


The House then adjourned at six minutes past

two of the clock till eleven of the clock

on Friday, the 4th May, 2007.


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