MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Hon. Members, since this is the first Calling Attention we are taking up in this Session, I would like to read the rules of Calling Attention. "A Member who initiates a Calling Attention may not take more than seven minutes and other Members who are called by the Chairman should not take more than five minutes each and should restrict themselves strictly to seeking clarifications on the Calling Attention." Firstly, this is only a clarification. It is not a debate. Secondly, "where Calling Attention notice stands in the name of a number of members, in choosing Members who desire to seek clarifications the next principle is party/group. After exhausting the parties/groups, whose Members have given the notice by calling one Member from each party/group." So, those who have given the notice of different parties, they can change the Member but afterwards each one Member from one Party only can participate. I think if you follow these rules our debate will be quite lively. (FOLLOWED BY NBR/2B)


ㇵ (֬ Ϥ) : ֳ֯ן , ӡ ֌־ ֮ ֯ ִ֬ ӡ ׮־ 2001 ֮֮ ָ ן ָ ָ ֡ 927 ֋ և

ֳ֬ (. .. ׸֮) ߚ߮

ֳ֬ , ػ ֟ ֵ և ֻ ֮־ ֮ܵ ֻ-ֻ ֓ , ׻ ָ ֮ ָָ, וִ ָ ֟ , ן ָ á- ߓ ֙-֜ ֟ , ׻ Ӭ֬Ӭ , ָ ֻ ultrasound clinics ֛ӡ ָ 25,000 ultrasound clinics ֻ , ֳ ֮׿ ׾ן ֮ ־ã , ֕ ֻ ֟-ׯ֟ ֳã ׿ֿ ֳ ָ ֟ ֳ ػ ָ , ֻ ׿ֿ

ֳ֬ , ִו ֻ֟, ֕ ֋ ָ, ׸ָ, ִ֕ ֟ , : ֟ ֕ ֟ ֓, ָ ֮ ֯ ֲ ֤ ֟ ֮֟ , ֳ ֕ և֮ ֮ և ָ , ֕ ֳ , ָָ ׻֋ ָָ

ֳ֬ , ֯ ֮֟ þֵ ™ߵ ֵ

֤õ ֮ ֵ ִ֬ ָ ָ ֱ ֓ԋ ֵԿֻ֋ ִֵ-ִֵ ָ, ֮ ָָ ָ ֮ ֱ׸ , ֛ : ֣ ֛ ָָ ׾ֵ ו֮֟ ӳ߸ , ֮ ӳ߸ ׻ֵօ ָ ָָ ָ ֳ ػ ָ ׬׮ִֵ, 1994 ֵ օ ֮ 1991 ֮֮ ָ á- ػ ֟ ן ָ ָ ֡ 942 ֵ օ 1996 PNDT Act ӿ׬֟ : ֵօ ָ, ֳã ׿ֿ ֮׿ ֮ ׻֋ ֵ֮ ֵ , ׮ָָ ֵ, ֳ ֻ ׿ֿ ػ ָ ׻֋ ֵ 1991 ן ָ ָ áֵ ܵ 942 , 2001 ֙ ֡ 927 ևԅ

ֳ֬ , ד֋ ן ָ ָ áֵ ܵ ׮ָָ ֋? United Nations Population Fund ָ ָ 3.5 ״׻ֵ֮ ֛ , ԟ 3 , 5 ֛ ֲֵ և? ׾ֿ ֮֮ פ , 50 ״׻ֵ֮ ֋օ ãן ֮ ׻֋ ָ ׯ֔ פ ֟ , ֓և ֆ ָ ֲ פ , ӯ֮ Ϥ , וִ֮ ϴ ӕֲ , ן ָ ָ ֡ 793 ֋ , ׸ ܵ 820 , ֮֕֬ פ ܵ ֡ 865 , ָ™ ܵ 917 ָ֟ ܵ 828 , ׸ ӕֲ ׬ӿ וֻ ֛ ܵ 750 800 ߓ ãן ָ áֵ ׾µ ? ױ ֳָ ָ ? ָ ָֻ֟ ִו ָ֓ ֜? ֳ և ֟ ָ- ָ ֋ ֡-סֆ ֜ ׸ ֛ ֕ ֕ ִ פ Ϥ ָߤ 2C/AKG ָ ֿ:


ㇵ (֟) : ãן ֋? , ֯ ִ֬ ֤ ֆ ָ ֻ ׻֋ ܟ ޛ֟ ָև , ֟-ׯ֟ , ֌, ־ ֈӛ ׻ 녠 ֳԾã ֻ ָ ֻ ָ ֻ֮ , ֕ ӕֲ ׸ ֮֮ ֮֓ ׻֋ ߑֻ߮ ֮ ֮, ו ֛ ׾µ ֟ ꅠ 1972 ֳԯ֟ ן ָ پָ֓ ֋ , ֣ ֮ ݵ ܵ ֆ ־֕ ֕ ߋ֛ߙ ׬׮ִֵ ԟ ޛ ֮ -- לև ־ ֈӛ ׌׮ ֳԯ֟ Ͽ֮ ֵ֔ ֻ Ӆ , ־ ׻֋ ִו ׮ ֮ , ֺ օ ֡ ֮ ֮ ִõ ִ֮֬ օ

, ֕ ֡ ֻ , ׻ ֮ ֻ ל ߓ פ և, ֮ ן ֓ ֋? ֮֮ߵ ֳ֬ , ֯ ן ֤ ֳ ֤ ֮-֮ ֑֮ ָ֬ ׾ָ ֮-ָ ֺ , ֳ ֓ ֲ ֣, ֮ ֟ ִ֯ ֮֮ߵ ֳ֬ , ֕ ָ , ֮֯ ִֵ פ, ׻֋ ֯ ֮־֤ ֮֮ߵ ִ þָ֕ , ו֮ ֮ ׻֋ ֨ ן , ׻֋ ֮־֤ ֵ (ִ֯)

ߴ֟ Ӥ ָ (׿ִ ֻ) :  ָ ֮ ㇵ ֬և , ָ֤ ֮ ָ ֮ ֟ օ ֟ ן ֟֟ ֟ ֺ ֮֯ ֳԯ֟ ֟ , ֟ , ָߵ ֆ ֳԯ֟ ׬ָ , ֳԯ֟ ׬ָ ָ֬ ֣ ׸ ֳԯ֟ ׬ָ ֮ ָ߸ ָ ׬ָ ӑ ֤ ׬ָ ֵ ֕ ׸ ׬ָ ׻֋ ֛ ָ ָ ֳԯ֟ ׬ָ ֣ ֋ ִִ ־ֻ ֟

Sir, I have very carefully gone through the statement of the Minister. While I appreciate the spirit of his written reply, I am very sorry to say that on the three points, on which he has sought to address the issue of concern, we are not satisfied. There are three aspects -- one, the anonymity of the crime; two, the reasons for the crime; and three, the steps that are being taken by the Government to prevent such crimes. I am afraid to say that whereas he has given some figures pertaining to Census, which we all know, what we would have really liked the Minister to say, Sir, is to bring to the attention of the House, through you, and through the House to the general public in India as to the most alarming increase in the rates of the dropage of sex ratio. That is what is really of concern. For example, for Delhi, he has quoted the figures of 2001. The Minister will be aware that in January, 2006 an analysis of registration at birth in hospitals in Delhi -- they say that 93 per cent of all births in Delhi are registered -- reveals, he will be shocked to hear, that whereas the Census has given 868 girls per 1000 boys in Delhi population in 2001; in 2006, it is reported that it has dropped by 52 points in five years! It is, now, just 813.

(Contd. By 2D .-- USY)


SHRIMATI BRINDA KARAT (CONTD.) What is of concern is that in 1999-2001, you had no districts where the figure was less than 800; but, today, you have 14 districts, in the country, where the sex ratio is below 800. You have 31 districts, in the country, where the sex ratio is below 850. And, that sex ratio, instead of going up is going down. What is actually of concern is that the decline in sex ratio, in spite of the laws, from 1994 to 2006, is extremely steep. Generally, in a society once the sex ratio goes down below 950 it is a red alert for that Government and society. You will be shocked, Sir, today, in India, over 50 per cent, nay, 60 per cent of districts in this country are below the red alert of 950. In fact, if you can have 950 girls for 1000 boys, it is considered a very good situation. In fact, Sir, what is extremely, extremely a matter of concern is that this declining sex ratio is not taken by the Government as a matter for a 'national mission' to take action against it. And, unfortunately, the statement of the Minister very clearly shows that. My second point is, what are the reasons for it? I am really surprised about this statement. Everybody knows that one of the major reasons for this is dowry. The organization, with which I work, the All-India Democratic Women's association has done a survey. ָ, 18 Ϥ ־ ־ ֟ ֻ - ֕ ִֻ , ן, , , ߕ֮ - և և , ֕ ֤ ־׸ ֵ ۠ where there is dowry, like a black shadow, sex determination tests follow. We have got used to the misuse of the technology to the extent that there are mobile ultrasound machines being taken to the most remote areas. We cannot send water; we cannot send electricity; we cannot meet the needs of the poor people in the remote areas, but, today, ultrasound machines, precisely for sex termination, are reaching in the remotest areas of the country, and the Government seems completely unaware of it. The reason for it is the culture of daughter-dispreference. It is no longer just son-preference, today, we are in a culture where there is active daughter-dispreference. Who is following this culture? I am very sorry to say that it is the educated people, it is the literate people, it is well-off people, it is the propertied people who are following this culture. In fact, today, because of scare of property loss in this country, combined with this whole question of daughter-dispreference culture, what we find is the question if you do not have a son the property is going to be inherited by whom. Therefore, the question then comes, destroy the female foetus. In that connection, this point, which is being made by the Minister, last but not the least, may be the latest trend of having preference of small family of one son or one daughter. I welcome this statement to the extent that, unfortunately, this country, today, does not fetish about population control. In fact, the hon. Minister's own Ministry is one of the nodal agencies which wanted to change the National Rural Health Mission into a mission just to be used for population control. And, it is the intervention of women's organizations and health activitists who prevented it. So, in a way, I am very happy that this Statement has come here. I hope, this statement will be used as a basis to change the course of population control policy, which is being pursued by his Ministry because it is a fact that if you talk only about small families, if you talk only about population control, and you do not see the propagating two-child norm without ensuring that you have mechanism in place to prevent sex determination, you are going to have the increasing elimination of girl child in the name of population control.

(Contd. by 2e -- VP)


SHRIMATI BRINDA KARAT (CONTD.): The third and the most important point is, along with this, unfortunately, the Minister in his statement has completely ignored the social consequences of this. My sister, Anusuiyaji, has very correctly pointed out the disastrous social consequences. We have done a survey in three States of Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan. We were absolutely shocked; in 21 households in two districts of Rajasthan, we found 'bought wives', ָߤ , ִ օ ֵ ֲ ֵ - bought wives. bought wives ֕ã֮ - ָꅠ ? ָ ָ ֲֻ֟- ִ ָ ִ ָ և , ָ Ӆ ָ? These are the women who have been bought. And what is their status in those villages? They are slave women, exploited, sexually abused and used as commodities. This is going to be the social consequence of the elimination of the female foetus if this Government is not going to consider this as a national disaster. I say that female foeticide going on in this country today is nothing less than a national disaster. And, unfortunately, it is a fact that this national disaster is not recognised as a disaster, it is left to the women's organisations. Today there is a big demonstration of women's organisation outside this House because it is the World Health Day today, to draw the attention of the Government to this. So, this is the most important point, Sir, that is, the social consequences of the elimination of the female foetus.

And the worst part, I would say the most unsatisfactory part of the hon. Health Minister's statement is that he has not shared with the House what action have the Central Supervisory Board and the appropriate authorities which have been set up by his Ministry taken. Generally, in India, Sir, you will be shocked to hear that there has been an average elimination of 40 lakh girl children since 1994. And, if you ask how many doctors have been convicted, how many convictions have been there under the PC and PNDT Act, there has been only one conviction. Just one conviction! And in that one conviction, the hon. judge thought it fit to allow the doctor to go out on probation, so, he is out on probation. Now, just two months ago in Haryana, one more doctor and his assistant have been convicted. When I asked the Ministry a question, they have given me an answer that in the last 20 years when the female foetus were being eliminated, in the entire country, there are only 383 cases under the PNDT Act. Out of these 383 cases, Sir, the large number of cases are not actually against foetus elimination, but they are concerning non-registration of ultrasound clinics. When they are taken up in the court, only a small fine is levied. They register and start if off again. In so many cases, we have produced prima facie evidence. Now there is a television channel, I want to thank them for their help in this regard. They have got 140 doctors on- camera who have done a sex determination test. Out of these 140 doctors on-camera who have done the test and who have told the people concerned illegally what the sex of the foetus is, they have shown 24 cases in which actually abortions have also been done by the same people. It is in Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh. So, here is an example of what the Government and the State Governments are doing. I know the Minister would say it is up to the State Governments. I agree that it is up to the State Governments. We went to the Rajasthan Government -- I do not want to take any one particular name and make this a political issue -- I am saying we went to the Government just day-before-yesterday; the Health Minister said that we have to have a further inquiry, we have to have a further investigation and they have put the case against the journalist for doing the sting operation in the first place. This is the kind of attitude. This is the attitude where there is prima facie evidence against the doctors. I know Dr. Ramdoss has very good relations with the medical fraternity being a member of the medical fraternity himself. (Continued by PK/2F)


SHRIMATI BRINDA KARAT (CONTD.): But, can we expect Dr. Ramdoss, the Health Minister to use his office and his good relations with the medical fraternity to either persuade them to prevent such crimes from happening, or, in the absence of that, if they do not listen to the persuasion, to ensure criminal action is taken against them. I agree that it is not just a criminal question; it is social movement also. But in the first instance, unless you punish the delinquent doctors who today have a 500-crore business in the elimination of the female foetus in this country, I believe, the Health Ministry is not doing its job. And, along with that, Sir, I am constrained to bring before this House the shocking fact that the Medical Council of India, has not changed its rules to allow for deregistration of doctors, who have been involved in female foetus elimination. Today, in the Medical Council rules, they have a clause which is, actually, against a law passed by Parliament. According to that clause, unless it is proved that a doctor has done a sex determination test with the intent of aborting the female foetus, it is not reason for him or her to be deregistered. What does it mean? Who is going to prove the intent for abortion? That is not the law. The law says, if a doctor does an ultrasound test, and, then, informs the patient as to whether it is a male or a female foetus, that is the first crime under the law. And, if the Medical Council of India, in spite of the Supreme Court orders which have very specifically stated that in the first instance disclosure of the sex of the foetus is a crime. The Medical Council of India must change its rules and regulations to ensure that this is taken into account. They have, still, not done it since 2003, and the Health Ministry has taken no action. So, the point here is, Sir, what is the attitude of the Health Ministry and the Minister? Is it one of indifference? Is it one of callousness, I don't know? Is it one of concurrence? Is it one of connivance? Why is it that the Central Supervisory Board, instead of preventing it, is only supervising the elimination of the female foetus? That is my question. Therefore, Sir, I would like to urge upon the House three points. The first point is that the Central Supervisory Board, its non-functioning, it is just monitoring without taking action, is a very serious issue. I would like the Minister to very specifically state what steps he is going to take to ensure that they uphold the law and take action. Follow up its supervision with action; otherwise, it will be taken that they are here only to supervise the crime and not to stop it. The second point is, the case is a prima facie case and evidence which we can give to the Minister. Women's organisations are meeting him this evening. They can give the CDs to him with all the proof. I would like to ask the Minister on the floor of the House, is he prepared to take a pro-active role in ensuring, firstly, with the State Governments that they move in this matter, and in the absence of any movement by the State Governments, what action are they going to take? That is the second point. And, the third and the most important point, Sir, is that the Health Ministry, instead of just giving some well-intentioned statements here, the Health Ministry itself has to move in a much quicker way, and a much more determined and rigorous way to implement the law. Thank you. (Ends)

SHRIMATI PREMA CARIAPPA (KARNATAKA): Sir, I rise to express my views on a very serious issue of female foeticide. I agree with my colleagues, Shrimati Brinda Karat and Miss Anusuiya Uikey what they said. Sir, unfortunately, female foeticide through pre-birth sex determination is a major cause of declining in the number of girls in the country. There are umpteen number of registered and unregistered ultrasound clinics which are famous as pre-birth sex determination test clinics. The number of unregistered centres conducting such tests is simply unknown. There are thousands of them. And, we can imagine on what a large-scale this horrifying business they are doing, killing the girls before their birth. (Contd. by 2G/PB)


SHRIMATI PREMA CARIAPPA (CONTD): As doctors said, in western countries, these Ultrasound tests are conducted only to find out the deformity in the child. It must have started with the same intention in India also. But, today it is not so. Today, people go to the sex determination centres to know whether they have to retain the child or to abort the child. So, if the foetus is that of a female, they don't wait for a second. They go to a doctor and see that it is removed. Sometimes, they don't even take the consent of the mother, and sometimes, it is the mother who decides that. There may be so many reasons for it. As Brindaji said, maybe, it is because of the heavy dowry demand during the marriage of the girls, or, there may be some other different reasons like increasing crime rate against women, especially, the increasing number of rape cases, exploitation at work places and so on. In some cases, the lady herself prefers the male child. The reason the people give is that at their old age, they will be looked after by their sons. Sometimes, they want to have their funeral rites to be done by their male child and lit the pyre. Sir, like that there are umpteen reasons as to why people still prefer the male child.

Sir, though pre-natal sex determination is illegal in the country, nobody bothers about the law. This profitable nefarious business is increasing by leaps and bounds, resulting in steep decline in male-female ratio in the country, particularly, in the Northern States.

Sir, according to a survey, the female population has sharply declined in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, -- Punjab and Haryana are already very famous for it -- Gujarat, Maharashtra and in few more other States. The sharp decline in female population is going to create social unrest. Unfortunately, the steep decline in male-female ratio has already started showing its results in the form of steep increase in the number of rape cases in the country. This is most inhuman and heinous crime against a woman whose whole life is shattered.

Sir, on this issue, I read something in a journal called 'Lancet' in January, 2006. The U.K. Medical Journal 'Lancet' in its January, 2006 issue has carried an article "Low Male to Female Sex Ratio of Children born in India." The study states that, based on conservative assumption, pre-natal sex determination followed by sex-selective abortions of female feticide accounts for about 0.5 million missing female births every year. So, it is a shame to know about this disturbing revelation that, at least, ten million female foeticides were aborted in the country during past twenty years.

Sir, there is clearly an urgent need to educate the people about the equality of male and female children, especially, because the couple who goes for female foeticide comes from the so-called educated family. Sir, educated, affluent and middle class people are going in more for the female foeticide.

So, the Government has initiated a number of activities to create awareness on this issue. These initiatives include meeting with organisations working against sex selection, involvement of medical professionals, religious leaders to spread the message, requesting police training academies and schools to include the issues in the curriculum of their training, and so on and so forth.

But, Sir, I am afraid these programmes are not implemented properly. These programmes should be devised to curb all the evils to which the girl child is subjected to both in urban as well as rural areas. Sir, these evils can play havoc with the life of the girl child and can even lead to a much higher adverse sex ratio in India.

Sir, according to me, the punishment that is announced is not enough. They say that the medical registrations of those doctors who conduct these pre-natal tests will be cancelled and the couples who go in for these tests would be imprisoned for three years and punished. But, I am sure, it is not done. As my colleague, Brindaji, said it is not so. The couple which goes to the doctor will not say that they are going for female foeticide. They would say that they want to know the sex of the child. (Contd. by 2h/SKC)


SHRIMATI PREMA CARIAPPA (CONTD.): Or, the Doctor, the person conducting the tests, may not know why they have come. That is also one of the reasons; they won't know and they will have to go to another Doctor to get the foeticide conducted. So, Sir, whatever punishments are there must be properly implemented and the punishments must be severe. Otherwise, this will cause unrest in the society and create a grave problem for the country. (Ends)

SHRIMATI N.P. DURGA (ANDHRA PRADESH): Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity, Sir.

Sir, female foeticide, if not checked, would dwindle the demographic balance of the country, because sex ratio is an important indicator to study and analyse the character of the population. The right to live is a fundamental right. The right to survive is a precious right; it precedes the right to life and grows along with it. But, in a country where woman is venerated as the epitome of strength, wealth and intelligence, whether she really has this right is a big question. The answer to this is, again, a big 'No'. Every human form conceived to be born as a child has a right to come into this beautiful world. Since human embryo and foetuses are human forms, abortion is a heinous crime, akin to murder and should be banned -- of course, it is banned in India -- thus giving every human form a right to be born. But this right is available only to the male child in India, not female. We all appreciated it when the PNDT Act 1994 was enacted hoping that it would bring laurels in successfully curbing pre-natal sex determination tests. It has also prohibited advertisements relating to pre-natal determination of sex. But, to the utter disappointment of the entire womenfolk in the country, this Act was hit for a six and these private clinics are flourishing as they were before PNDT came into existence. If you look at the sex ratio in urban agglomeration and metropolitan cities, this becomes clear. For example, take the case of Ludhiana. Here, you have 763 females per 1,000; in Punjab, it is 798; in Greater Mumbai, it is 822; in Surat, it is 760. According to a survey, majority of the female foeticide is done by educated people. The same is the case in other parts of Northen India. Why is it happening here like this? And, why is it not happening in the Southern India? The hon. Minister is representing a State where there is a far better sex ratio. Even in cities of my own State, we have a far better sex ratio. I would be failing in my duty if I fail to mention the city of Kochi where there are 1,023 females per 1,000 males. In the light of this, I would like to know from the hon. Minister whether he has made any study as to why there is such a wide gap of sex ratio between North India and South India.

Sir, recently, there was a sting operation by a private TV channel, which showed that doctors in Bihar have agents working as conduits who 'finalize' deals with the parents who want to terminate a girl child in the womb. I would like to know whether the Ministry has made any enquiry about this and has taken any action. The Minister cannot say that there is no evidence or witness, because here, you have video pictures, which are sufficient to suspend the medical licences of these doctors. The then hon. Minister of Women and Child Development, Shrimati Renuka Chowdhury, was on record saying that she would cancel medical licence of all those doctors. I would like to know what has been done in this regard. The Minister cannot shirk his responsibility by saying that the States have to implement the Act.

Sir, the whole problem cropped up because of the failure of the State and local machinery in implementing PNDT Act in letter and spirit. They have utterly failed to register the clinics, not to talk about implementing the Act, catching hold of them and prosecuting them. So, they do not have the necessary paraphernalia to implement the PNDT Act.

Sir, the other thing I wish to know from the hon. Minister is this. You have constituted a National Inspection and Monitoring Committee at the Union level to take stock of the ground realities by taking up field visits to the affected States. I would like to know how many field visits have been undertaken since setting up this Committee and what is the result of the progress of your field visits.

Sir, the Minister said that the Committee visited the northern States. But, I would like to know why the Committee has not visited areas like Tamil Nadu, Kochi, and others, where you have a success story as far as female foeticide is concerned.

Sir, one of the reasons for low sex ratio is low nutritional food to the girl child. (Contd. by 2J/HK)


SHRIMATI N.P. DURGA (CONTD.): So, there is also a need to give nutritional food to girl child so as to prevent deaths at infant stage and at the tender age.

The other problem being faced by the Government machinery in containing this female infanticide is the medical profession itself. The medical profession is showing little inclination in putting their house in order. Even the medical associations of various States have failed to convince or control doctors who are involved in the use of these unethical diagnostic practices. So, I would suggest for consideration of the hon. Minister that he should prevail upon the medical associations and with the help of these associations, we can, if not totally, at least, to the maximum extent, control this menace.

Finally, Sir, the Government have launched "Save the Girl Child Campaign" and appointed Sania Mirza, Ms. Joshna and others as brand ambassadors. I think, this has little impact on the people. So, I would suggest that you take up this campaign the way you are campaigning for polio which has been so successful. You involve leading film personalities, cricketers, religious leaders, etc., which, I am sure, will help, to a great extent, in containing this menace. Thank you. (Ends)

DR. GYAN PRAKASH PILANIA (RAJASTHAN): Mr. Vice-Chairman, Sir, I have the honour of joining a band of our very illustrative ladies who have put forth in a very rational manner their view points and their abhorrence of foeticide. I have gone very carefully into the detailed statement prepared by the hon. Minister. It is very rightly drafted and beautifully presented. This debate is not on pros and cons. Everyone present in this House is on one side. The hon. Minister and the Central Government is also on that side that somehow the girl child in the womb must be safe. It is a national issue and what are the ways and means to do it that is to be found out. Foeticide virtually is an euphemism for murder in the womb and the punishment which is given for murder, the same punishment must go to those who take part jointly in this foeticide in which medical fraternity also comes, in which technicians also come, in which touts also come and in which those parents also come who stoop to that level that they want to kill their own child. As was very rightly pointed out, Brinda, Anusuiya and Durga's historical names are in our concept. In India, we are arguing this issue where lady has been traditionally considered to be a deity. ֡ ֵß 敵֮, ֮ ֡ ֟֠ It is such an irony that in this sacred land of Aryavarat 'Bharat', we are arguing that foeticide is taking place and what should be the ways and means to stop it. It is a fact that foeticide is there and figures are really alarming which have been often repeated. Ten million females have been done to death in womb, kokh, which is the most safest place for a child in the past two decades. Hence, as was pointed out, kokh, the place which should be the safest one, has become kasaikhana. The first thing to be realised is the enormity of the situation as to how grave it is. The gravity must dawn in the minds of everyone and then we should take steps. One step which has been very rightly pointed out by the hon. Minister is sensitisation. Sensitisation of the parents that they should not stoop so low; sensitisation of mothers; sensitisation of the womanhood; sensitisation of the fatherhood. If parents do not agree to get their child killed in the womb, there will be no foeticide. Firstly, they have be sensitised, and then the medical fraternity, the doctors, have to be sensitised.

(Contd. by 2k/KSK)

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DR. GYAN PRAKASH PILANIA (CONTD): Doctors are there to save the life and not to put an end to it. I mean, they have become butchers. That lure of money, that lust for earning more has pushed so very well educated people, MBBS, MD and all that, into becoming devils. Then, third is Medical Council. Medical Council is sitting still. It is not taking action which it should take. I am just repeating. First is parents; second is doctor fraternity; third is Medical Council; fourth is Administration. It should be personal charge of DM and SP that not a single foeticide takes place in his district, and it is possible. (Time-bell) In Punjab, they are doing it. Fifth is the role of NGOs. They must come forward. And, sixth is public in general. That awareness must dawn till it does not mean that this girl becomes Kudima, till it does not mean we have bought wives; we can call it like cattle which have been purchased and also, they are used like cattle. They are born slave as Shrimati Brinda Karat very rightly pointed out. Social consequences will be enormous. Social consequences will be very dangerous. Social consequences will be very alarming also. There will be delinquency in social life. There will be promiscuity in sex. There will be more rapes. There will be more crimes against women and we will find Parvatis, who do not succumb to polygamy, are forced to do that. That kind of thing will happen and it is a matter of great shame for the nation as well as for the Government, whose duty is to enforce law. If the Government has made a law, who will enforce it? Enforcing is not the duty of the general public...(Interruptions). Law was made in 1994 and only two convictions are there so far in the last 12 years. Is it not a matter of concern? I mean, the Government cannot say there is no evidence. The Government cannot take the plea that it is done in privacy. It is done by collusion. It is for them to find out. It is for them to do sting operations and law must be enforced. If we are not able to stop this Brahmhatya which we are doing, this murder in the womb which we are doing, then there is shame to the Government; there is shame to the Parliament; and there is shame to the male gender. Men should rise to help women. They are our mothers. They are our sisters. They are our daughters. If we do not rise to the occasion, who will do that? I will end my rhetoric by thanking you for your kindness that you permitted me to speak, and for the patient hearing which hon. Minister has given. I know he is competent and he is very able. He will be able to find out ways and means and within a year, we will find something concrete and these figures will come down. I stop with an optimistic note, having faith in humanity. I think, ultimately, sanity will prevail and we will be able to put curb on foeticide which is a national shame. (Ends)

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN (PROF. P.J. KURIAN): Thank you. But not rhetoric, very useful and very meaningful words. Shri C. Perumal.

*SHRI C. PERUMAL (TAMIL NADU): Mr. Vice- Chairman, Sir, I thank you for giving me this opportunity to take part in the Calling Attention


*English translation of the original speech in Tamil.

on the incidents of female foeticide in various parts of the country and the resultant imbalance of sex ratio in the society. I also hang my head in shame for the fact that female foeticide is still going on in our society.

A celebrated personality said, It is the rarest of blessings to be born as a human being. Yet another person said, A woman is born only after great penance. It is universal truth that there could be no man without woman, and no woman without man. Our religious scriptures say, there is no Shakthi without Shivam and no Shivam without Shakthi. We speak of mother tongue and motherland and not father-tongue and father-land. It is the woman who symbolizes all greatness in our society.

Mr. Vice-Chairman, Sir, it is regrettable that our society is putting to death such women while still in the womb. When such attempts of female foeticide fail and the female children are born, they are killed by administering the milk of cactus and madder plants and by suffocation. It is very unfortunate that we are unable to put an end to this sinful practice. We should think as to why a mother, who gives birth to a child after 10 long months of pregnancy, is forced to kill her own body. It is said that the female ratio has declined to around 930 per 1000 men over the years.

Sir, society is responsible for this situation. The parents are led to think of so many things even before the birth of a female child. The parents worry about bringing up a girl child, educating her, protecting her and about organizing her marriage. These thoughts make them go crazy. The problem of dowry during marriage is the biggest problem faced by parents. That is why they are led to think that a female child should not be allowed to be born. They fear that a girl child will find the life miserable in the society. This makes the parents to take the extreme step.

Sir, this situation could be reversed only if we give equal rights to women in every sphere and treat women just as men. That is why the respected General-Secretary of AIADMK, my leader Dr. Puratchi Thalaivi Amma had taken laudable steps in ending female foeticide and infanticide while being the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. During her tenure as Chief Minister between 1991-1996 and 2001-2006, she had implemented a number of schemes for the welfare of the women in the state. She had introduced a scheme for the welfare of the women in the state. She had introduced a scheme known as Cradle scheme under which parents unwilling raise their female infant could put it in the cradle in the centres setup by the Tamil Nadu Government. Such female infants are brought up, educated and married off by the Government itself. I take pride in informing the house that the revered Mother Teresa had lauded this scheme. Under another scheme, if the parents with only two female children undergo sterilization, a certain sum was deposited in the name of the children for their future. (interruption)


Why are you interrupting Mr. Narayanasamy? I was wondering where you had gone? And you are here!

Sir, I was trying place on record the schemes launched by our leader Amma in Tamil Nadu for providing economic independence to women. Our leader also ordered setting up of all women police stations and women Commando Force in Tamil Nadu for protecting women. Our Amma also made it mandatory that only women should be appointed teachers in all the primary schools in the state. Women were appointed organisers at Nutritious Noon Meal Centres. Our Amma had also introduced the most popular women self-help Micro-credit scheme that benefited lakhs of women in Tamil Nadu. I am referring to all this because the scheme launched by our Amma were aimed at making women financially independent so that she faces the society without fear and lives according to her sweet will.

Sir, I am constrained to say that so far we have not been able to bring about a legislation to provide 33 percent reservation for women. But our respected leader Amma.. (Interruption).

Dont interrupt Mr. Narayanasamy.

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN (PROF. P.J.KURIAN): Please dont respond to what he is saying. Please, address the chair only. Mr. Perumal, you address the Chair.

SHRI C.PERUMAL: Sir, Our Amma has given 33% reservation to women in the local bodies in Tamil Nadu. She has also given reservation to women in the AIADMK party. She does not believe in mere words. That is why our Amma had launched many schemes to raise the status of women in the society. Such steps will alone change the mind-set of parents and make them feel happy at the birth of girl child (Interruption).

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN: You please sit down. Let him speak.

SHRI V.NARAYANASAMY (PONDICHERRY): I would like to say only one thing, sir, (Interruptions) Women population is only 1100 as compared to 1,000 men in our State. We have proved it (Interruption)

SHRIMATI BRINDA KARAT: You are entirely wrong. Where from have you got your figures?.(Interruption)

SHRI V.NARAYANASAMY: These figures are taken from the Census. ..(Interruptions).

SHRIMATI BRINDA KARAT: You are entirely wrong. I have the entire district wise break up. What he is saying is right. (Interruption)

SHRI SHAHID SIDDIQUI: Sir, he does not like anybodys speech. Whenever a person speaks, he interrupts (Interruption).

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN (PROF. P.J. KURIAN): Okay, Shri Perumal, please address the Chair. ..(Interruption).. Please conclude now.(Interruption).

SHRI V.NARAYANASAMY: Sir, I have ..(Interruption).

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN: Narayanasamy ji , you will also get a chance to speak..(Interruptions).

SHRI C.PERUMAL: Sir, I wish to say a few words about the punishment for female foeticide and infanticide. The punishment for killers of female children, be it parents or any one else, should be an exemplary one like death penalty. Even for rape the punishment is not severe in our country. There should be extreme punishment as is prevalent in Arab countries. Then only crime against women will decline.

Sir, at the end I would like to emphasize the fact that female foeticide and infanticide have declined remarkably in Tamil Nadu because of the laudable efforts of our leader Dr. Puratchi Thalaivi Amma. We need to create such awareness all over the country as is done in campaign against AIDS through school children. As I conclude, I wish to make one last point and I invite the attention of Mr. Narayanasamy to that. If women in our society have to be bold and independent and if our nation has to progress and march in pride, a strong-willed woman like our respected Amma should become the Prime Minister of our nation. Thank You (ENDS).

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